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Hello everyone, as this is my first post I would just like to write an article which may help you to get to know me a bit better. So first of all my name is TheCubeAssassin (not real name) I’m 15 years old, I love solving rubik’s cube related puzzles and collecting pokemon cards. Yes ok, some of you out there may call me a nerd or a geek but it is what I enjoy doing so deal with it. I love to make youtube videos on pokemon card openings and game series. In the future I hope to expand to making such videos as Minecraft and Call of Duty. Did I mention i’m also a gamer? I would love it if you guys could follow my channel on youtube, if of course you enjoy this sort of thing.

Life for me is pretty crazy right now, school is getting tough and it is coming ever so close to that wonderful time of looking for jobs. -.- I have some french coursework to write, for TOMORROW!!! But I should be able to do that easily. My school life is great, I have great friends who also love Pokemon (we always play at lunch). All of us have just been asked to befriend some pupils of the lower years because they dislike school, the teachers think this is because they don’t have any friends to be with or do things with at lunch, so if they had something to do then they would enjoy school more and be alot more socialable. I have a Young Enterprise business with several other students, Young Enterprise is basically an orginisation in which a group of at least 7 young people can set up a business and run it for an entire year. The best bit is you keep all of the money you earn. I’ve just looked down at my keyboard at the 7,8 and 9 keys and realised that the second functions are 7,8 and 9, what is the point really laptop, stop trolling me. Anyway back to the article.

I live in a pretty bad area, there are criminals and there is grafity and rubbish and people wanting to beat you up everywhere, school is the only place I really feel good, and my house of course. My social life is ok i guess, I would love to have a girlfriend to take to the movies and stuff, but what are you going to do, eh? I have alot of friends I suppose but I am not what you would call popular. Speaking of popularity my friend came up with an excellent theory the other day. He said that these so called popular people are nowhere near as popular as normal people or nerds. This is obvious because there are alot less extremely popular people, but there are alot of nerds or people of average popularity. I thought this was one of the greatest theories ever devised and also one of the most truthful.

I don’t really have much else to say about my life apart from the fact that I enjoy it and there isn’t really anything wrong with it. Thank you for reading my first article, hopefully there will be more to come but for now I must say, Peace and check out my youtube channel:

Thanks, TheCubeAssassin


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