Story of a Man And a Vulture

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Mayans Stories From Chiapas

Story of a Man and a Vulture

There once was a man very, very lazy. One day was flying a vulture. The man saw him quickly. The man told to the vulture: “Hey Vulture, come here! I do not want to work! Come here quick! I’ll tell you something! ” But the vulture did not want and not obey the man; then the vulture left, for many years, and the man was sad. 

One day, again, the man went to work. The man had a wife, then she said, “if you’re not going (to work) will have to sell our corn fields.”

The lazy man, he went to work.  But when he arrives to work in his field fails to work, only goes to sleep. When he awoke and saw the vulture he shouted, “Vulture, vulture, come here, I do not want to work!”

And the vulture came down. The man told the vulture: “Let’s change our bodies.” The Vulture accept what the man said and there he changed his body with the vulture.

“I tell you one thing, you will throw yourself three times. When you do this three times I will give my
wings, ” vulture said, and so did the man, he threw three times, and the vulture  gave him his wings. Then the vulture said, “You saw how you’re going to get your food.”

“Okay” said the man, and flew away, and the vulture stood on the floor. Meanwhile, the man’s wife was waiting for her husband. The vulture came home. The woman said, “What’s wrong, why do not you come in

time? “.

The woman noticed the smell and said, “Get out of my house,  you stink! ” The woman then grabbed hot water and threw it to the vulture, the vulture died there.

JUAN, comunidad XUXCH’E

Extract from Book “Once Upon A NIGHT … stories, legends, history from the mountains of Chiapas”

Always the Mayan legends, caught my attention, because they must carry a deep message, sometimes as fast as we read it, do not pay attention to these meaningful messages


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