How to Find Spiritual Peace in Today’s Tough Economy

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It is not possible to tolerate stress for a long time, for fear that you become insane, how you will overcome, then, what seems to be undefeatable? How would you stop feeling miserable, if reason and consciousness do not want to forget?

When a friend suddenly found herself without job after 15 years, the hardest times she had were when she allowed her mind to project into the future with self-talk statements like “What if I exhaust all my savings?”

While we normally find ourselves in this behavior, we have to be more aware of the need to pull our mind back to today, telling ourselves, “I can handle this, right now.” There has to be a continuing awareness of the need to pull back starting in the personal level.

Jesus tells us that the birds of the air do not worry, and they are well take care of and fed. The flowers of the field do not fret, and they are beautifully clothed.

Jesus is not talking about escaping the stresses of life. He is not saying, we relax and not worry. However, Jesus is giving us much deeper reason why we should not worry. The Father in heaven is taking care of us.

We have to be mature about how we apply this principle. Mature Christians must know how to entrust situations or conditions to God and make a deliberate decision to do so. As we put God and his will first in our lives, everything else falls into place.

Together with our self-knowledge on coping with difficulties, we should keep prayers and meditation, which are fundamental and essential in our quest for spiritual peace.

In the Oasis of Silence

Quiet times replenish, renew, and recharge life with spiritual peace and spiritual balance. In silence, we can reconnect with our true source of energy and wisdom. Those months you spend on the sofa, meditating about unemployment is not a wasted time. You are thinking. Your pause actually keeps you on course.

Pausing in silence allows us to connect with inner guidance. Like a dance, the best moves come out when the music slows down. A slow, rhythmic, pace is the best type of movement because we will learn to recalibrate our paths when we pause. Likewise, only in solitude can we hear the whispers and urgings of our spiritual self.

Sometimes God gives us the strength and the wisdom to do what we must do. At other times, the Lord shows us that what we think we have to do is not necessary at all. Occasionally, we follow our own will and not the will of God when we take responsibility for certain things.

When the Lord’s kingdom is our first priority, when we listen to him before others, we realize that the things we thought were so important are not at all, then we let go. At times, the Lord even allows us to fail in what we do.

Thus, it is better for us to realize that we are not all-powerful. We are dependent on God. Many good lessons come out of failure if we give God His rightful place in our lives.

Spending our Moments in Materialization

The Bible tells us about Jesus Christ feeding 5,000 people with a few pieces of bread and fish. Christians regard the act a miracle. The Science of Parapsychology calls it “materialization,” “producing something out of nothing.”

There are different ways of doing materialization. One is through psychic ability, wherein a person must be able to visualize in very clear and vivid detail the object he wishes to materialize. Some people are able to materialize things with the help of spirit helpers or guides. Both ways require mental power. You must be able to see, feel, taste, smell and hear the object. You must also have the strong desire to make that object appear physically. Through our psychic ability, we can visualize life as an immense and magnificent tapestry.

In order for us to come to this kind of attitude, we should allow faith in God to surround us, and to protect us during difficult times. Faith is the spiritual peace that allows us to receive the supreme intervention of God.

If we look at the world through the eyes of faith, there is only one real thing. God wants to connect His grace with us. Thus, we need to be aware of where our thoughts are, which means we need to live consciously. When we discover our thoughts wandering back to the unchangeable past or forward into the unforeseen future, we can choose to bring our awareness back to Him.

As we bring ourselves to rest in the unseen arms, we see opportunities unfolding perfectly. Each day, we can learn to love ourselves just as we are, even if still struggling.

We all want to lead a life of abundance and prosperity, but money can be difficult to have during economic downturn. Certainly, you could handle whatever situations with Jesus Christ. To the recurring query, and one at time indicative of doubt, the Christian Faith replies with firm certainty, “All that God has created, He watches over and governs by His Providence.” All that is created, by the very fact of having been created, belongs to God, and consequently, depends on Him.

Lastly, just as we wash our bodies and our clothes, we need to cleanse our emotional bodies. As we move through our days, many of us, through our psychic ability, vacuum other people’s feelings. The more sensitive we are the more debris we collect.

A clean emotional body gives us the stamina and energy to begin another day. One excellent way to symbolize purifying our emotional selves is to imagine rinsing all limiting, defeating and depressing feelings as you stand under the shower. Then, visually, saturate the cleansed areas with love and energy.


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