Desire, Ability And Opportunity: The Concept of The Crime Prevention Triangle

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I have been a crime fighter for over thirty years and have learned that criminals come from all cultures and walks of life.  I have also learned that you may not always be able to recognize what a criminal looks like because they can come in the form of not only a stranger, but a neighbor, co-worker, friend, teacher, minister, priest or family member. 

Let’s take a look at each element; Desire, Ability and Opportunity.   


Desire can be used for good and evil and is the seed that activates the whole process of the law of attraction.  Desires develop how we all create our reality and give us the things we want the most, and criminals are no different in understanding this concept.    

In our society, too many people have the belief that it is their right to be able to walk around the streets with large sums of cash in their wallets, flashy jewelry or leave their treasures in plain view for anyone to see.

Yes, we do have the right and we should be able to walk around without fear of someone robbing us, but the cold truth is, there are desperate people out there that will take your valuables if given the chance.  So, why contribute to their desire.

One of the best safety tips that can be offered is that we cannot help create the “Desire” for anyone to want to steal from you.  In other words, we can no longer carry large amounts of money, wear flashy gold a jewels or be careless and leave any property unattended.  If the criminal knew everyone followed this advice, the desire would be diminished.  


We as a society have no control and cannot affect the “Ability” of the criminal to commit crime because somehow, some way the criminal will always find a way to get what he wants.  

Their training grounds can start with poor parenting or no parenting and acceptance, love and survival are learned in the environment and streets they grow up in.  The very prisons we send them to can be training grounds where skills are learned and taught by other criminals.

In today’s day and age of technology, the criminal can now be thousands of miles away, use telephones or the internet and because we are still trusting, naïve and innocent they can steal our Identity, clear out our bank accounts and destroy our lives with the touch of a keyboard.

Since “Ability” is the hardest part of the crime prevention triangle to control it is important to focus the other two components of the crime prevention triangle especially, “Opportunity”.


If you leave your purse on the front seat of your car and walk away then you have presented the ‘opportunity’ for a crime to occur.  Since there are many desperate people out there, there is a large chance someone with the ‘desire’ will walk by and see your purse.  The ‘ability’ to get to your purse may not take a lot of skill and so the thief will simply breaking the car window, reach in and grab the purse and run away, all in a split second.

We may not be able to completely control a criminal’s “Desire” or “Ability” to commit crime, however, by removing the ‘opportunity’ for crime to occur, the criminal merely cannot commit the crime.

Master Mind Alliance

If we all formed a “master mind alliance” against crime, then crime would cease to survive.

A “master mind alliance” is, like minded people, projecting their thoughts, desires and energy towards the same goal and pulling together fighting for a cause and focusing on the ultimate outcome that will create positive results of their focus.  If we all learned, pull together and concentrated on battling crime, the criminal would know he does not have the “Opportunity” anymore and he would cease to try.

Until all people stand together, stop turning their backs and ignoring that crime happens to others and not them, crime will continue.  So, let’s focus on positive results, pass the word and do our part to fight, move forward and win the battle against crime helping each other to be victorious. 


It is my belief as a Police Officer that it is through awareness, education and spreading the word that we can break the “Crime Prevention Triangle” and win the battle against crime. If we all did our part and just made sure that our own surroundings were safe and protected and that at least the ‘opportunity’ for crime to occur was gone, the criminal would eventually realize that he has lost the battle and cease to commit crime.


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