Opera 9.6 VS Google Chrome

Opera developers to make back the development of the latest version of Opera 9.6 that can compete with Google Chrome. However, if Chrome and Opera is, there is a healthy competition among them. Both browsers have a test in an IBM ThinkPad running XP Professional on a system with 2GB memory. Then one site that has a very heavy load graphics, papervision3d.org, tried to open the second browser. Opera is able to load the site within 20 seconds, while the Chrome 30 seconds.

To experience the problem, the Opera browser is much more experienced than Chrome, especially for Opera version 9.6 of customizable. For example, an RSS feed reader facilitate users to organize feeds, or give the label “Valuable” or “Funny.” Meanwhile, Chrome manager does not have RSS, and when the feed into Chrome, the user must download a reader such as FeedDemon or RSSOwl.

Opera also has an email client built-in that can combine feeds and Notes. The system searches in the search bar can also be changed according to user wants and there are also keyboard shortcuts that can lead directly to the site in question. For example, users can see channelweb.com only by entering the “ch” to the search bar. Opera 9.6 features can be used to synchronize Speed Dial, bookmarks, custom search, history, and notes for the computer port.

More complete bookmark management in the Opera. Bookmarks can be given at the Opera nickname and description, although the site’s URL is not known. Meanwhile, in Chrome, which can not be done with bookmarks, other than to create a special directory to enter bookmarks. Opera has a lot of skin, widgets, and development tools that make it more flexible for users. Opera can be opened in the home page of the session that has been stored or by loading multi-page tab.

Both the Opera and Chrome features password management, and both can identify sites with Extended Validation SSL. For users who want the browser faster, lighter, with low maintenance, Chrome may be the answer. Who want to customize the high side plus a good performance, Opera 9.6 can be a solution

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