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Pregnancy and parenthood completes a couple married to each other. Pregnancy is a natural but complex process which requires a number of conditions to be successful. Most women are able to get pregnant normally and also give birth to normal babies through a healthy pregnancy. However, some women and even men may have certain complications for which they may not be able to enjoy the pleasures of parenthood. The good news is that progress of medical science has been able to bring smiles to many such couples who have hitherto been unable to become parents. Pregnancy through in vitro fertilization is one such method which is used when pregnancy through normal methods isn’t possible. In vitro fertilization is a costly affair and therefore it is only considered when other means of getting pregnant aren’t possible any more.

What is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

In vivo fertilization is the process through which a female egg and a male sperm are fertilized within the female body. In vitro fertilization is the process of fertilization which is done outside when one or more problems might exist with either the male or the female partner. When a woman is suffering from fertility problems due to fallopian tube malfunction or a man’s sperm quality is not enough to penetrate the female egg then IVF can be considered. The male sperm is directly fertilized with the female egg in specially created artificial conditions that are essential for the egg to get fertilized. IVF in spite of being a revolutionary method still requires a healthy female egg, a sperm capable to fertilize and also a uterus where the fertilized egg will be implanted to proceed with the pregnancy.

Considerations for In Vitro Fertilization

IVF is considered only in worst cases when no other method of pregnancy is possible due to male or female infertility problems. IVF is an expensive method to have a pregnancy. However, IVF has made it possible to have pregnancy post menopause and also through surrogate mother. This is because the donor and the bearer can be different people. A number of procedures are followed to retrieve multiple eggs from the female donor after ovulation and therefore a number of embryos may result. Multiple embryos selected according to various medical criteria may be implanted into the uterus. This is done to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

It is possible that your own egg will be fertilized with your partner’s sperm and the fertilized egg will be implanted into your uterus. It depends on your age and other factors the possibility of success of a pregnancy through in vitro fertilization. Multiple and ectopic pregnancies are possibilities of an IVF pregnancy. Complications and risk factors are always present in IVF pregnancies.

Factors that affect IVF pregnancies

Most important factors that affect the success or failure of IVF pregnancies are the mother’s age and the duration of her infertility problems. Indulgence in bad habits like tobacco, alcoholism and also over weight problems may interfere with the success of IVF pregnancy while previous successful pregnancies may increase the chances of success. It is recommended that healthy lifestyle and all medical advices should be followed to increase the chances of success with an IVF pregnancy.


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