How to Speed up Slow or Low End Computer.

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Step 1 – Go into My Computer and then right click on free space and choose Properties.

Click Advanced system settings and then click tab Advanced and finally click first Settings button.

On Visual Effects tab click Adjust for best performance and click Ok.

Step 2 – Click start and then All Programs.

Go into Accessories, System Tools and click Disk Defragment.

On Disk Defragment first click Analyze and then after it finishes click Defrag.

Step 3 – Click start and then All Programs.

Go into Accessories, System Tools and click System Cleanup.

On System Cleanup tick stuff you want to delete and then click Ok.

Step 4 – Download antivirus software and let it clean viruses from your computer.

I’d recommend Kaspersky AntiVirus.

Step 5 – Clean Spyware from your computer.

I’d recommend downloading AdAware. It’s a great software that will clean Spyware from your computer for free.

Step 6 – Download newer graphic drivers.

Step 7 – On Windows 7 there is indexing option… Turn it off.

Clik start and then Control Panel.

Click Programs and then click Programs and Features.

On the left side click Windows programs and features.

Find Indexing Service and untick the box and click Ok.

Step 8 – If this doesn’t speed up your computer then download older OS (Operating System) like Windows 2000 / ME, 98, 95 or Linux Ubuntu, Mint or something older.

Step 9 – After Step 8, if it doesn’t go any faster then the only option left for you is to buy new computer.

There are mid – end or high – end computers for 300 $ that can run newer games like Skyrim on Medium – High settings and run like 500 programs at time.

Step 10 – That’s it folks. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope it made your computer faster. 🙂

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