Urim Music by Sobha Rani

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The film, which was created to talk about the film Super Hit Malayalam which was originally released there, with the same name, “Urim”. All the well-known star cast of the film, the director Santosh Sivan ace photographer of risk, “Urim”, was published August 19 in the Telugu version. The film festival is definitely the eyes, and has created much talk of the trailer T – City. If you want to know more about the film, read on;

The film is a fantasy jorner Company, proves to be a little ‘drag and boring. The film, which deals with a past and present, even if it is an attempt to make a very good leader does not seem to be quiet fun for all the spectators, to whom the cinema is a tool for entertainment platform. It ‘a work made entirely fictitious director. Although, Santosh Sivan, director of the film is an ace photographer, for his manuscript, and instructor skills are relatively less attractive than her film skills expected of each frame and each artist’s very nice. Script and the story was very fast, which is outside the scope of the public. To understand the same, the public need to monitor and focus on each frame, carefully, and only then can you understand the chain of the film. Srikar Prasad’s editing work seems to mark, in the first half. But in the second half of the film seems to be dragging a bit ‘, which tests the patience of the public. The original version of the film is its effect. Work results of the background and the score of the brand. Some of the action sequences are measured. Together with other all-star cast, including Nitya Menon shown in flashback sequences has also done a good job.

Krishna Das (Pridhvi Raj) and Taarzan (Prabhu Deva) believe that the easy way to earn money and live a lavish life. In this process, they get a contract with a foreign mining company, to sell all properties belonging to ancient ancestors lived in Kerala. From these two friends ka trip begins, they meet Bhumi (Vidya Balan) and Urmila (Geneilia) that would go to an NGO for the tribe. They all meet Tangacchan (Arya), who begins to tell the story of the ancestors of Kerala.


From there the film takes a turn. All property of Raja, which this property was saved by them. The star cast, as we shall see the beginning, it will appear in character in the flashback of the film.



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