Top Tips to Declutter Your Home

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A neat and a well organized home is a pleasure to live in and you will find peace of mind which a shabby and disorganized home can never give. When you enter your home you should be pleased and happy and not frustrated and irritated by the completely cluttered atmosphere.

‘Order is a lovely nymph, the child of Beauty and Wisdom, her attendants are Comfort, Neatness and Activity; her abode is the valley of happiness: she is always to be found when sought for, and never appears as lovely as when contrasted with her opponent Disorder.’-Samuel Johnson

It takes a little effort on your part to keep your home have the appearance of beauty. You should develop the habit of doing away with thing you do not use or need. When you start decluttering you will be amazed by the heaps of trash you have accumulated. Unwanted mails, unused clothes, broken toys or furniture, you name it, you will have it. What is the reason for this accumulation of such unwanted things? You will put the blame on lack of time. ‘I go for work’, ‘I have to manage the house’, so many excuses. These excuses do not hold ground, as keeping a house clean and organized is a habit and not a burden.

You should schedule your work properly so that you are not overwhelmed by the thought of doing away with junk you so unknowingly filled your home with. Start room by room, shelf by shelf. When you are not in the mood to keep on the job, you should make it a point to clean at least a shelf. You must be ruthless in disposing the trash. If you keep thinking of the amount spent on buying these unwanted things, you will never throw a piece of paper away.

You can start with your wardrobe, go through clothes and do you find dresses you do not wear take it out and keep it neatly away. Sort out the unwanted ones and you will find your wardrobe half empty. It is so with most of us. We keep buying dresses without discarding the unwanted ones. I usually go through my daughter’s wardrobe frequently and take out the ones she does not wear. I then ask her to do away with the dresses she does not need. I then give away to my servant maid. This way my daughter keeps getting new dresses and my servant maid is happy because of the numerous dresses she is getting.

Another place of junk is your book shelf. You will find loads of unused notebooks, piles of useless paper old magazines. Never think twice, give away the books to some library, and throw away the used notebooks and the old magazines. Is your bookshelf half empty, well, you can see how disorganized and lazy you had been.

Then your kitchen, you will find a lot of grocery items, long past their expiry date, still occupying kitchen shelf. Discard them, and take away old and dirty storage boxes and replace them with uniformly colored boxes which will give your kitchen a bright look.

Your children’s room will be a store house of many things that can be discarded. Old puzzles, broken toys, piles of papers and a whole lot of rubbish will be cramped in their room. Ask them to clean their room and make it devoid of unnecessary things. You can train them to keep their room clean and a word of appreciation will make them keep their room clutter free.

 Did you check underneath your bed? I am sure you would have found things you never even knew existed. Old pillows, bed sheets, pillow covers and anything old and torn should be discarded. Do not make the underneath of your bed a store house.

Have a glimpse at you medicine box. Are there unused tablets, syrups and a whole lot of wasteful medicine? Throw it away without hesitation. Check your hand bag. What do you see there? A mini junkyard of old bills, old lipstick and many makeup items long past their usage. Toss them away and just keep the essentials.

You will find it easier if you buy only things you need and not buy things you fancy. You must train your children to be organized and keep things in its place.

Keep your home neat and beautiful. A well kept house eases tension away and you feel proud when the guests comment on it. This process of decluttering your home must be done in a regular basis so that discarding old and unnecessary things becomes a habit.


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