Feel Small Before God-His Greatness

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The blue sky, the blazing sun, vast forests, canyons, valleys and the endless creations of god makes us feel small and insignificant before his power. There are some groups of people who feel there is no god and I pity them. God is not belittled by such people and it is not his work to prove his presence because you can feel it everywhere.

You cannot fathom what god has in store for us but he is always there to help and guide you provided you are open to his thoughts. It is magic how god has created the world. It is always a fight between the good and the bad and the control of mind versus the wavering mind. Why has he to create the bad when it would have been enough to create only the good?

When there is only good in the world, you do not cherish it and you take it for granted. It is only when something bad happens; you cherish the good in your life. Your life faces problems and you gear yourself to fight it and in the end become a stronger person full of character and spirit. Your power of controlling your senses decides how your life is going to be.

You like sweets, but it is bad for your health and your control over your tongue decides how healthy you are going to be. You are angry at small things and you destroy relationships. You control your anger and you have good and enjoyable relationship with your family. You lead a reckless life and feel at the top of the world and suddenly you are pulled down to the firm ground by sudden twist of fate and you realize nothing is permanent in life. So god likes you to have control over your life and when you can control your senses and feelings you are able to value your life.

You feel you have total control over the world and you send spacecrafts to the moon and you are overwhelmed by your success. You build skyscrapers and claim it to be the tallest in the world. You want nature to be conquered, but you are defeated by the sheer magnitude of the natural calamities that occur.

With all your self- professed knowledge you cannot but watch in awe nature playing havoc. Who can forget the tsunami of Japan, the hurricanes of America, the earthquakes that rocks various parts of the world? This is naming just a few of the natural calamities we face now and then.

A building has a civil engineer and other workers who help to build it to create a structure .You are not born yourself, you are the creation of your parents. The wooden furniture that decorates your home has your carpenter as its creator. A beehive is the creation of the bees and so each and every article in the world has a creator. But you thump that there is no god.

God does not need any acknowledgment to his power. He is impartial to the believer and the non-believer. He has created this beautiful world with utmost natural wealth, man with brain power so that he can make the world he lives in worthwhile. Let us not try to play god as if you do you will only destruction of mankind.


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