Add Google Calendar, and Docs in Gmail

Google starts moving features to connected more to Gmail account holders. The company’s biggest search engine has announced the innovation of Gmail Labs, which aims to increase connectivity streamline the chain of personal web-based email programs, namely, the function of Google Calendar and Google Docs.

This new Google feature in order to respond to the Google user feedback by introducing the gadget calendar, and docs to Gmail. In addition, Google also added integration services and the use of the gadget, or other widgetsets. Until now, Gmail users must open a separate tab in a browser when accessing Gmail on one screen and Google Calendar and Google Docs on the other screen. Gmail’s latest Project Labs has the trio of web-based product in one name, the user can add the gadget to the left navigation bar, with dekt Chat and Labels.

“We have been working hard with the engineer to create a calendar, and docs. With the calendar, users can record as the agenda or if there is to remind meeting. Meanwhile, Google Docs makes it easier for users seeking all documents directly from within Gmail. “Said the engineer Gmail, and Pupius.

In addition to Google Calendar and Google Docs, Gmail Labs also add a gadget to a web-based email interface degan add spec XML file to the URL, for example In addition, Pupius has also released “couple of notes” feature on Gmail Labs. Pupius also remind, not all the gadgets kompetibel with https. This means that if Gmail users want to connect via https, then they will see content warning caused in part by the gadget is only compatible with http. However, this is still in repair by Google.

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