Office 911: How to Quickfix Your Workspace

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Look at your working area for a moment and ask yourself if it looks like a Work Space? Does the mess pull back your motivation every day? A well organized workspace can inspire creativity, productivity and teamwork. Below are tips on How to Quickfix Your Workspace to eliminate distractions for a stress-free business or career environment.

Put in order the home-office by getting rid of clutter. Clutter drains energy because the eye and mind do not know where to focus. If you have a bookshelf, leave one shelf free for mementos. Bookshelves tend to gather heavy energy when they are full, so do not be tempted to keep too many items on permanent display. Free bookshelves of less frequently used items by donating any books you do not need to a library.

Transform workspace. Refresh energy in the workspace by rearranging your desk where you will have a full view of the doorway. According to Feng shui experts, people with their back to the door invites bad luck instead of good luck. Facing the door while working increases healing and defense. Aim for a spacious effect that will make a welcoming impact on everyone.

Make lights work. Lighting is often the hardest thing to get right. If your workspace does not have an adequate natural light, add a table lamp. Turn off the overhead fluorescents because it does not target your work area.

Revitalize. Thriving greenery brings living energy into workspace. Place a potted plant in a prominent spot. Opening a window or using an air purifier can also help keep energy flowing. Live plants in the workplace are proven to improve air condition, reduce stress, and absorb noise.

Keep workspace safe. Power cables that are left all over the workplace can cause accidents. If you find light wires sticking out of the walls, turn the power off at the mainboard then genlty bring the wires together and strap them up behind the table. Also, take care that you do no keep the switchboards and extension boards on the floor as they can give fatal shocks, when someone sweeps the floor clean.

Unplug. The best way to become productive is to minimize the number of tools is an incredible way to focus on the task. Using simple tools work wonders for sparking creativity and efficiency. Make sure that tools are kept in easy-to-reach areas.

First and foremost, decide on the best way to use the space you have. Then find sometime to unclutter workspace of unnecessary stuff. Cleaner workspace allows you to have easy access to important files that you may need to look up frequently. In addition, you will find information within few seconds only if your office is fix well–clean and clear.


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