Relevant Additional Information You Should Know In Order To Build Your List

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Each Internet Marketer will relay how important it is to build that list before you do anything else. The reason is that all things concerning marketing will navigate around a group or groups of online contacts. It’s similar to commencing a new store and having nobody turn up for the event, that would be ridiculous right? Well it’s similar for online

marketing. Establish your list first, then you have your

first customer base to work on. Make the

quality of what you offer FANTASTIC and they will

stay for more of what you offer.

You start with something significant but strong in value and

over deliver on quality. Your report or product can be on any

topic, with a bit of work put

into it first will lead to success at the end to ensure that

it is a product or item that clients will


Taking the time to KEYWORD RESEARCH, yes that’s

correct, I did say keyword research, to help you find or

discover which idea will be the best and strongest to run with will set you up in a stronger

position for success than most. Write down 20 ideas –

anything you think you can easily and knowledgeably

promote. Put some deeper thought into this first step, it will

determine what you will end up with. Keyword research the first 10.

What you are looking for is around 15,000

Global Searches per month (around 500 searches a day) for any

combination of the main keyword and a secondary keyword for

the same idea in total. You are looking for LOW Competition. That’s a

strong contender. Write down the top 3 of those 10 idea’s. Repeat

the exercise with the second 10 idea’s. Choose the top 3.

Consequently you have the top 6 ideas and you want to cut those

down to just 2, maybe 3, depending on the

results of your next search. Go to Market Samurai or any

other Online Keyword Data Tool and research those 6. Looking for

relevancy of your keyword or 2 keywords, traffic breakdowns,

and confirming competition levels, which 2 give you the best result? Choose one and get


Researching will give you other idea’s and cause you to see some

things from a different

perspective. It will also alert you to related keywords that may just be much better to use if the relevancy is there.

All in all the best and greatest objective of it all is just knowing whether the project you are about

to invest so many hours into – will win – or lose – before you even


Creating a list will require an autoresponder

which are very easy to use. It’s the same with anything you

do, spend a little time once, into learning how to use it and

you’re on your way. An autoresponder will

eliminate the hard yards for you.

You do not necessarily need a website, but having one makes

it easier and more attractive. They are only a

few bucks a month anyway, no more than 2

cups of coffee.

So decide on your product, just a free report on any

desired theme; it could be

a remedy for arthritis or a cure for

baldness, or maybe even on weight loss, although that’s a fairly common market with quite high competition, so this is

where your research will come in. You may have even discovered something great that works on the Internet. You can

sell that stuff with bonuses or offer it

as a free report with a lead to something more substantial.

The opportunites are infinite.

To start with, if you are completely new,

you can start with free blogs or websites like Blogspot or WordPress,

or you can dive right in with a purchased domain and

buy hosting. Once your website is ready to go, choose an autoresponder service like Aweber, or

Getresponse. Whatever your choice though

should be the one you keep using, it’s difficult

to change autoresponder services and sometimes messy.

Most marketers usually just start using another service

for a new project as there are one or two of them that

provide a more advanced product and cost much more too. But sometimes they are necessary.

As a new internet marketer, you are bound to

make mistakes but you will only make them once. Whether you are new or not

though, Building that List is something that anyone

getting into email marketing needs to know, and, if you

choose not to take the time to educate yourself,

you will, one day in the not so distant future, be kicking yourself for not doing it. It’s the concrete

slab before the building is constructed, its the boiling

water before being tipped into the coffee cup and without

your List, you will have no reason to

create anything.


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