Lose Weight: 6 Activities that are Great forms of Exercise

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A few simple adjustments in your daily routine can add to burning more calories throughout the day and lead to some good weight loss. Give these 6 ideas a try for yourself.

Walk the Dog
Fido needs his exercise as well and what a great opportunity for you to give it to him and yourself. Taking the dog on a long walk is good for both you and your dog. Although you won’t shatter any speed walking records doing it, walking is an excellent for of exercise. I walk my dog (sometimes he walks me) for about a mile and a half every evening.

Park far Away from the Door
Whether it is a work or a the local shopping store, park you car as far away from the door as possible. This incorporates more exercise into your day in small doses and after the first 3 days you won’t even notice anymore. So while all the “lazy” people are fighting over that front spot near the door, you can park in the back, get some exercise in the process and get out of the parking lot much easier and faster.

Crunches during Commercials
Make the most of that TV watching time and during commercials instead of getting up to grab a snack, do a set of crunches to strengthen your mid section and lower back. Crunches have been shown to be the best and safest exercise you can do for your abs and you don’t have to spend any money on some new fandangle product.

Push-ups during Commercials
On the next commercial break do some push ups. Here is an exercise that is very basic but very good for the upper body and the heart. Again push ups are free to do and require no equipment so you have everything you need right now to get a good upper body workout.

Yard Work
We all hate to do but it must be done. Did you also know that it could be a good form of exercise? Well it can with the bending and pulling, planting and raking, digging and sweeping. Put all of these tasks together and you get a great form of cardiovascular activity.

House Cleaning
No need to stop exercising from yard work if it is raining outside; just move that idea to the inside. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning the windows to making the bed are all great forms of exercise. Laundry needs to be done? Great! Talk about good exercise. You are lifting, bending, and stretching. Everything you need in a good exercise program.

As you can see there are no lifer altering decisions that need to be made here to get some exercise in. You just incorporate what you are already doing into a daily routine and you can get plenty of exercise. Don’t let TV or bad weather deter you from staying healthy. Now eat a bit healthier and you will be well on your way to success.

Just remember to get a complete physical from your primary care physician prior to doing any type of physical activity.

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