How to: Yahoomail on your mobile phone

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Email is one of the most basic forms of communications nowadays. Email nowadays is vital to everyday living because it contains not only personal messages but also business mails as well. Now, sometimes we would like to access our emails anywhere, as we go before work, during break, when we are not doing anything, or when we’re just going places or meetings and such. Luckily nowadays, mobile technology can help make that happen. Now you can access your email directly from your mobile phone, compose and send messages and even archive them all in the same device.

Now before we begin, this post only shows how to setup mail for Yahoo users only. Why yahoo? Well, this is because I get to use my yahoo-based account everywhere even at work or sometimes for personal messages.

I am assuming that this setup would work on all mobile phone types, since every mobile phone that they manufacture offers the same email functionality wherein you can choose to setup pop-3 or imap accounts. I would like to also see if this really works out for you because we tried it on these handsets (E61, 6300, 7710, K800i) and they all worked perfectly fine.

There are many steps to do this, one is through manual setup and the other is through automatic setup. Nokia users could use the settings wizard program (installed in the phone). SE users would just have to do it manually.

Here are the settings for Yahoo Imap email (or yahoo mail) for Nokia users. Now, please remember to place the following values correctly for it to work.

In connection settings, you would find incoming email and outgoing email.

Incoming email:

user name: (your user name)
password: (your password)
incoming mail server:
access point in use: (your mobile internet provider in the philippines like SmartGPRS/SmartInternet)
mailbox name: (your preferred mailbox name)
mailbox type: imap4
security ports: off
port: default

Outgoing email:

My email address: (your email address)
Username: (your user name)
Password: (your password)
Outgoing mail server:
Access point in use: (same as in incoming email)

For Sony Ericsson users, go to messaging>email and then create new account, in this case we named it also Yahoomail. After creating a new email account, it will ask you to fill in the following settings:

Connect using: (your mobile internet provider)
Email address: (your email address)
Connection type: Imap4
Incoming server:
user name: (your user name)
password: (your password)
Outgoing server:

Now, if you could notice, both settings do not differ that far. The incoming/outgoing servers are basically the same for both phone types because it uses both imap4 settings. If you try to test the following settings for your phone, I suggest you have appropriate load to do it (economy load of 30 pesos would do). To test the following settings, just simply go to email, found inside the messaging folder of your phone.

I hope the following settings had helped in properly incorporating your phone with your yahoomail account.


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