Juice Diet

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First code of healthy nourishment is: I DO NOT HUNGER!

I organize not lack of food, which signifies, with the aim of I organize not diversion the feeling of lack of food, as instead of model for the duration of the date , relating meals I feel like intake something, I recently search instead of something healthy. So, it is first-rate to hold for all time with you more or less small but very fullfiling meal like , e.G. Nuts. If the feeling of lack of food comes to you by a very recent late afternoon, you ought to chomp something light. Using this DIET WITHOUT RENUNCIATION you can chomp afterward 6 pm and still unchained your emphasis.

Why it is not obliged to be hungered (except from deliberate remedial lack of food strike) ?

Because for the duration of hungering:

  • Organism incinerates protein, with the aim of is not advisable (loss of muscle mass);

  • It is viable to cause huge decrease of concentrating honey in blood, subsequently with the aim of can expire loosing control, decay, and even injury;

  • Compulsion of intake of snap is fictitious in personnel mind, ( intake a close off of chocolate or whatever thing else) ,to chomp very fast and generally in large amounts;

  • Concentrating of honey in blood grows afterward such assault of feed on instant, subsequently it drops fastly and setting is constant.

This diet appears to be light, delicious and tasty. It helps to better your nature and mood. It can be passed unfashionable one time a week. During the diet you hold to drink just about 2-3 liters of fruit or vegetable juice.

  • Carrot juice – betters and strengthens nature, makes it resplendent and brisk.

  • Onion juice – strengthens your core and nature.

  • Pepper juice – keeps you in first-rate smooth and lowers the figure of cholesterol, it helps to lose emphasis.

Liquid Diet (400 kcal)
A liquid diet consists of juices replacing each meal. Nutritionally this will provide almost rebuff protein or fat, and a small amount of calories. It possibly will cause attenuation and vertigo. It ought to be tried for the duration of a weekend.

A Sample Diet Menu:
Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee with 3 spoons of entirety milk or 1 goblet of tea with 3 spoons of honey.
Snack: 0.25 liter of butter milk assorted with 1 pear.
Dinner: 0.5 liter of vegetable juice.
Supper: 0.25 liter of chick or vegetable carry, 1 slice of wholemeal bread.

Drink just about 2-3 liters of marble hose a date.


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