There Are Family Cancer Pain? 4 Perform It!

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Support families of cancer patients are urgently needed to raise the mental and spirit of the patient’s life. Cora oncologists Llave, MD and Denky Dela Rosa, MD, said the family is the best friend to cancer patients in the face of “battle” with his illness.

“Cancer is a family disease. Any person who has cancer, will affect also the whole family whether it be emotional, psychological, financial, and physical,” said Dela Rosa.

There are no definite rules about how family members should treat cancer patients. “The most important thing is you should always be present in the lives of patients and in each case they face,” he said.

Meanwhile Llave said, in many cases, family members usually do not know how to deal with the situation. But certainly, every cancer patient generally prefer routine or extra special treatment.

The following are general guidelines for those who have family members with cancer:

1. Present to them

The presence of significant others is very important for cancer patients, because they are in need of emotional support. “You need is always there with him (cancer patients) both when to consult a doctor or the times at which suffered complications from the disease itself. Your presence will give emotional support,” said Dela Rosa.

2. Learning to accept

Each person must accept the fact if there is severe family members affected by cancer. Although difficult, you should willingly accept it. Suppose there never was anything. Treat your family (cancer patients) as a normal person in general. This will help patients forget that he is suffering from the disease. You do not ever try to change the habits of the patient.

“Changing routines can inhibit the healing process of patients. If the patient wants to go jogging every day, encourage him to continue to do jogging,” he said.

3. Understanding the disease

“Broadly speaking, cancer patients still think that they will die,” says Dr. Llave.

With such conditions, small and large changes in the body will greatly disturb them. However, if family members are able to understand the developmental stages of the disease and treatment of patients, this will be very helpful.

Dela Rosa added, much information can be extracted by family members to understand the illness of family members who suffer from cancer, one of them through online information.

However, you should still be careful about what you read. The reason, some cancer patients may have “negative thoughts of what they have read on the internet,” he said.

4. Be patient

Patience is very important. There was a time when family members do not understand the patient. “A patient does not want to eat, not because he would not eat, but due to the influence of the tumor. This is actually what makes the patient has no appetite,” explains Rosa.

Rosa said, if the patient does not want to eat, you can cook your favorite meal of the patient. Even so, the patient usually will not eat more than 2-3 spoon.


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