Miracle of Islam

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Miracle of Islam

There is thousands of Miracle of Islam you can watch videos of those miracles and analyze by your self. But the miracle I am now going to tell you in my opinion that is a best miracle for me and I thing nobody can prove it wrong. Its take place in Pakistan the name of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad appears on the crop of wheat on 17 April 2008.

And that is a miracle that nobody in the world can prove it wrong I am adding link.


You can see this video there; this video is marked by one of the famous channel in Pakistan GEO news. Geo news reporter was also there and he take interview from the man who first saw the name of beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad pbuh in the crop of wheat.

Many people all across the world visit that place and some noun Muslim also visit this place and accept Islam after watching this miracle. Now I give you information about that place where this place is located in Pakistan the name of beloved prophet saw is written on the field of wheat in Arabic you can match that clearly. I will also give you picture of that miracle This thing proves that only Islam is the right religion to be followed because nature is demonstrating it.

A village of Haripur named Kot Najeeb Ullah (almost 28 km from Taxila at Hiripur road) Distt Hiripur Pakistan .

The Name appeared at 17/04/2008, recorded at 23/04/2008..

There are also many miracle of Quran I will give you only the list of these you can search on Islamic sites.

  • The skies with ‘woven’ orbits.
  • The tsunami effect in the Prophet Moses (PBUH) Parting of sea .
  • The cloning of living things.
  • The sun will expire after some time.
  • The expanding earth.
  • Scientific facts in the story of the flood of NUH Pub.
  • The miracle of fire and wood that cannot be obtained artificially.
  • Mathematical miracle of Qumran.
  • Fingerprint miracle of Qumran.
  • Radio receivers on mountains.
  • The wisdom behind the prohibition of blood in the Qumran.
  • Fossilization and iron content.
  • The mother’s womb with its secure protection.
  • The sun’s hydrogen and helium content.
  • Oxidation in the blood.
  • The expansion of the universe.
  • The end of the universe and the big crunch.

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