Women and Migraine

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Migraine attack is a very irritating experience. It can strike as often as several times a month and the duration of the attack usually last to an hour. In chronic cases, it usually last up to 24 hours or even days.

Migraine mostly affects women than men and occurs at an early age of 10 years. During an attack, it is sometimes associated with nausea, vomiting, speech difficulty, confusion, disorientation, to name a few. The attack is triggered by a variety of conditions like intake of certain foods and beverages like chocolate, coffee, alcohol, etc. Physical and emotional stress can also cause migraine. In some cases, climate change and lack of sleep help provoke the attack. For most women, migraine visits them during their menstrual period as a result of the sudden drop in their blood level.

During an attack, apply a cold compress on the affected areas. If possible find a dark and quiet place where you can rest and nap. Over the counter drugs are readily available for migraine patients. But for severe cases or those who are experiencing continuous and prolonged attacks, it is always best to consult your doctor.


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