9/11 Remembrance Activities

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Moment of Silence

Have faculty and students hold a moment of silence on 9/11. Before the moment of silence, hold an assembly and talk about the events of that fateful day and how they changed the world, or have teachers talk to their classrooms about what happened that day. Then observe a moment of silence. During this silence, remember all the lives that were lost that day, all the lives affected by the attacks, and the bravery shown and risks taken by the many heroes of that day.

Red, White, and Blue

Since 9/11 is also known as Patriot Day, encourage students and faculty  to show their patriotism by wearing red, white, and blue to school that day. If you want to organize the day, assign a different color to each grade such as first graders wear white, second graders wear blue, and third graders wear red and so on. Or turn 9/11 into a fundraiser by selling shirts with American flags on them before 9/11 and have the children wear the shirts to school on Patriot Day. Donate the proceeds to a 9/11 charity.

9/11 Experiences

High school students were probably old enough to remember when the terrorist attacks occured. Teachers can have these students write down their memories of the day, such as where they were when it happened, how it changed them, and how the events of that day changed the world. Then the students can share their memories and thoughts with the class. Younger students who weren’t born yet or too young to remember the attacks themselves, can interview thier parents or other relatives about where they were on 9/11 and how the day affected their lives, and then write a report on it.


Students of all ages–from elementary school to high school–can perform this activity. There were many heroes on 9/11. Police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel put their own lives at risk that day to save the lives of strangers. Some of the heroes also lost their own lives that day. To show gratitude to the police officers, firefighters, and EMTs in your home town, have student write them letters. In the letters, the students should explain why they are writing these letters on this particular day and say thank you to these civil servants who keep your town safe.


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