Friends For Life?

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People say we should be careful for our friendliness might be mistaken .How far is that true?

As a matter of fact life gives surprises and at unexpected times .friendship is something that gives you a plenty of opportunities to look and realize the importance of life. Friendship shows you who you are. It tells you why you are important when your parents and boss ask you the same .friend is a mirror; he is your biography and geography!!

Never lose a friend because you might just loose a part of yourself .There are no conditions in friendship but there are many responsibilities and demands. They all sum up to just one thing that comes naturally and mutually –“care for me and listen to my underlying feelings.”

Friend is someone who knows you cried when you lost that pen because it was a gift and not because it was expensive (this is what “so called friends” cannot understand).

Hmm so now we are left with one question “how to find one”, I know you will say face book or twitter! But I would say friend is the most special gift wrapped ordinarily. The most long lasting friendship is one you never thought was meant to be. It just happens like love. You just strike a rapport and bang on.

But I would say there is a test of friendship .a person is not your friend if in times of crises  he says “I care for you but I am a bit busy for you” .friends never leave you alone, they never lay conditions they never ask before giving, they don’t pay for taking, they don’t win to lose they lose to win your heart. Too  much  of  philosophy  right ??  But that has been the truth of friendship. There is no temporary friendship. Never give or take an offer of friendship until you are sure of yourself , I say love yourself enough to understand that only special people deserve you and your company. you have been with yourself for the longest time hence you know what you want but you may not know the same about others. I say give your hand, give your tongue but never ever give your heart to just anybody. Look at yourself how many times did you cry ,how many times did you smile ,how many times you felt things around you? Your tears, smiles and feelings are not for everybody. A few of the lot deserve to know your reasons for them ,a few only can value them, and few are those who will keep them in their heart forever. Now tell me will you choose just anybody?

Collecting more and more friends is no criteria of your importance or worth. Have just a single friend but be proud of it .Remember a single gold coin is worth thousands of paper coins. DON’T waste your time in collecting ids and accounts. Don’t waste your time in proving to the world why you should be contacted. There is no use in chatting with unknown people for hours only to realize you were mistaken. Absolutely no harm in knowing people from various cultures and regions but don’t limit your life to a search engine that keeps searching for farthest contacts and different people.



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