Runescape Hybrid Guide

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Step 1. Make a good username.Try to create a username that someone can remember and make it scary.For example a good name is called vicious pk08.This stands for “vicious player killer” and 08 stand for the year i made the account in.The reason why you make it scary is because If there is a person with a high defence just reading your name will make them not want to attack you since they know how much damage pures inflict on people.

Step 2. When in tutorial make sure when you get to the stage of combat remember not to get xp in defence.

Step 3. After you get off tutorial island i sugest you to train a skill such as woodcutting or mining.

Step 4. Buy a staff from the Grand Exchange for about 9gp but this price might vary.

Step 5. Train magic at the minigame Fist Of Guthix untill around 59 magic or buy your spells and train on monsters.

Train range up as much as you can but at the same time get your melee up.I would suggest always having range 10 levels higher than your stength since I find  its a good combination.

I would suggest to get melee up in this order.










I would keep attack at 30 because you can wield an addy 2h which is worth less than half of a rune 2h.You could get 40 attack and wield a rune 2h but its all your choice

In the end I would aim for:






Use the range to take the opponents hp down quickly and the 2h to finish them off.If you are fighting a person with armour on try magic on them since they hit better on melees with armour and also takes alot of there hp down but when doing this dont wield a staff because it takes up space in your inventory and it takes up some time by the time you wield it and find the spell.Use it occasionally because if you do it continuously then they might decide to take their armour off since it is rubbish against magic attacks and by doing it occasionally they wounnt know when you will hit them by magic.

When pking i suggest you wear wizard top,wizard hat, gloves ,boots,amulet of power,and green hide chaps,and mithril or adamant arrows.

If you are pking in PvP take:adamant 2 hander,runes for fire blast,stun,teleport(optional) and the rest of your inventory with lobsters or swordfish. If you are rich enough then I would suggest defenately going for the rune 2h instead of the adamant 2h due to it’s bonus. Remember to wield rune weapons you will need 40 attack which will increase your overall combat level.

Hope this helps 😀


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