How to stick to a savings plan

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Saving money is essential for short and long time goals but many people struggle to stick to a savings plan. Making saving to a habit is necessary if you want to succeed but it is easier said than done. We all have daily expenses we can’t avoid and it is often difficult to maintain a certain saving habit if you struggle to pay all your bills or if you are not be able to resist the temptation to buy new clothes, DVD’s, electronic gadgets or other things you don’t need.

Sticking to a savings plan is often a matter of lifestyle changes, courage and discipline. Spending money is easy if you possess the money and with the use of credit cards you can come in trouble if you don’t efficient plan. Learn to say “no” if you come in the temptation to buy and deposit the money you wanted to spend into your savings account.

Here are some suggestions which may help you to stick to a savings plan:

1. Make a budget

It is almost impossible to stick to a savings plan without a budget. A budget allows you to calculate how much you can save. A budget reflects your expected earnings and average expenses and you can create an attainable savings plan.

2. Write your saving goals down

You may have different savings plans and a certain date when you want to reach a certain amount in your savings plans. You may want to save for traveling in a certain month; it is easy to calculate how much you need to save every month for this purpose. Write down every month in a notebook how much you withdraw. It may happen you can’t save every month the same amount; if you have saved fewer during a certain month you can increase your savings the next month to get on time the money you need.

There are certain savings plans, for example retirement plans which require a certain amount within one year and the easiest way is withdrawing a fixed amount each month in this account. A similar system can be used for investment purposes, for example investing in mutual funds through systematic savings plan.

Maybe you can best use a separate book for every savings plan and write down the amount you want to save, the date and the amount you withdraw into your savings account and if you didn’t withdraw the necessary amount; you can best this mark it in yellow or any other color you prefer. This will make it easier how much you need to save more next month.

3. Make saving automatic

It is easy to create a plan where a certain amount will be transferred from your bank account to your savings account. It is preferable this amount will be transferred at the beginning of the month; you are sure you stick to your savings plan and you only have to keep an eye on your expenses to avoid you can’t pay your bills anymore. You know how much you still have on your account and you can interfere to cut down expenses if you come in trouble.

4. Create a piggy bank

A piggy bank will help you to save some extra money. Deposit every coin you find or which you get back from the grocery or other shops when you make your purchases into a piggy bank. At the end of the month you can deposit this money into your savings account and you will save create some extra savings which ease to reach your savings goals.

5. Avoid using credit cards

Using credit cards can cause impulse spending and many people will likely spend more than they can afford. People use these credit cards too often and don’t have an overview anymore of their expenses with a possible consequence they go in debt. Using credit cards will increase the temptation to make more purchases than necessary and it is difficult to stick a savings plan because often they spend more their your budget allows.

6. Rewarding

Sticking to a savings plan will be much easier if you reward yourself if you save more than you planned to do. It is a motivation key to save more money and to reduce expenses. This rewarding don’t need to be expensive, for example a dinner in a restaurant with the family, a theatre visit, a DVD or some clothes you wanted to buy already for some time. You only have to ensure you don’t spend all the money you have saved above your savings plan.

Sticking to a savings plan is easy if you can make it to a habit. Some people may struggle when they start but with some creativity; courage and changing spending habits, they will likely succeed to reach their goals. There are many possibilities to cut your expenses and you will be surprised how much money you can save in one month and ease to stick to a savings plan.


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