Srisailam is Situated on The Banks of The River Krishna

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Srisailam is situated on the banks of the river Krishna in Kurnool district. It is a well-known ancient Shaiva temple. In the puranas it is referred as srigri, sriparvatha and rudraparvata. The river ` Krishna ‘is called here as `

Patala Ganga’. This area is famous for plants of medical value. Pilgrims and tourists from all parts of the country visit srisailam.

Srisailam is located in dense forests of Nallamalla. The forest is inhabited by tribal. They regard the temple as very sacred.

Mahasivaratri is celebrated here on a grand scale. During Dasara days a festival is celebrated in Bhramaraba Devi temple.

The main deity of this temple is Mallikarjuna swamy. Bhramaraba is his consort. There are separate temples for these two deities.

The compound wall of the temple is very high. It is full of beautiful carvings of puranic stories.

Many historical inscriptions were found here. There is a belief that in the ancient times Chandragupta Maurya visited this place.

Lepakshi is situated about 15 kilometers from Hindupur in Anantapur district. It was here that Jatayuvu had fought with Ravana and Sri Rama consoled it saying, “ wake up, oh! Bird”. This gave it the name Lepakshi Lepakshi is famous for its huge bull made of a single stone. It is 8.1 meters in length and 4.5 meters in breadth. It is famous for its ornamentation and life- like expression. It is considered as the most prominent Nandi statue in India.

Five – headed Mahalingam is another important sculpture of this place.

Lepakshi is also famous for its paintings. The painting depicts the life of Virupanna who was a subordinate to Vijayanagar kings.

Amaravati is also a holy place for Hindus. The temple of Amaralingewsara swamy is considered to be one of the five aramas of Andhra Pradesh. The other temples found here are the kondana Ramaswamy temple and the Ramalingeswara swamy temple. Amaravati is a very famous tourist center.

Amaravati is situated on the banks of river Krishna. It is 30 kilometers from Guntur. It was a Buddhist center in the ancient times. The Buddhist stupa at amaravati was on of the largest in India, though only traces of it now remain.


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