Tirupati is One of The Holy Places of India

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Tirupati is a great pilgrim center. Daily Lakhs together devotees are visiting there to Lord Venkatewsara.
It is known as abode of Venkateswara swamy, lord of seven hills. It is situated in Chittoor district. About 10 kilometers North West of Tirupati, at an elevation of 2,500 feet, is the sacred hill of Tirumala. At the summit of the sacred hill of Tirumala is a temple dedicated to Venkateswara. This temple is located among sacred waterfalls and tanks. The temple gopuram is endowed with gold coated cover. It is one of the most important pilgrimage centers in India.

Many rituals are performed to lord Venkateswara every day. Different festivals are celebrated through out the year. Brahmotsava is the most important festival amongst these.

Lakhs of devotees visit this holy temple every day to have a darshanam of the lord and to take in the festivities.

Tirumala hills are endowed with natural beauty. Papavinasham waterfalls are on the hill.

Kanipakam located in south Andhra Pradesh, India. Kanipakam is a famous Hindu temple for lord of Ganapati constructed in the eleventh century by Chola king Kulothunga Chola-I. It was further extended in year 1336 by the emperors of Vijayanagar Hampi.

Name Siddhi Vinayaka is the elephant headed God. He is son goddess of Parvati. Parvati is wife of lord Parameswara. Vinayaka is highly popular Indian subcontinent – wise irrespective of religions or regions. It is strongly believed that the certain have been stared with Om, a Bing bang, which in fact has taken the shape of lord Ganapati. Every Hindu compulsory offer his first worship to Ganapati alone, to new opens first pray of him. That is the specialty of lord. The Kanipakam vinayaka is the upholder of truth and any oath taken in his presence will be a gospel truth.

Kanipakam means the wetland. Lord Vinayaka emerged here from a well as swaymbhu. It is an acknowledge fact that this self-existed idol of lord, is continually growing in size. The well water is being used as thirtham. Even today the idol is in the original well that has no doubt a number of perennial and eternal spings. During the rainy seasons, the holy water from the well overflows. People strongly believe this as the miracle of Lord.

The lord Ganapati silently and invisible makes the sinners to feel guilty and repent for their sinful deeds. Thus the story vinayaka had spread far and wide. Ultimately he has become synonymous for Pramanam.


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