Business Practices in Bangladesh- Public Vs. Private

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Business practices in Bangladesh: Private vs. Public

Time has changed. Open trade, fair trade means? Where are they in Bangladesh practically? One party are having unfair advantages over the other parties. For Public all the infrastructural and capitals came out of granted, ironically with tax-money from private sector. On the one hand tax, duties, and regulations are imposed and stranglehold. On the other hand nothing all for granted, do as you like in the name of people and government. Even arresting, suing against doing businesses in the name of law and regulations.

Observations could be summed up like below:

Government should pass bills saying business is business. All the government corporations and service sectors will be treated as any other business Strategic Bbusiness Units. Create capital from market, or get help from public in a way of levy or  something. But the operating management will be as independent and management like any other companies. Nothing is for granted. Management will be transparent and will report to the govt. or parliament. Auditing body on behalf of public will enquire about the interest of public in the Annual General Meeting. Will have same advantages and rules and regulations will be applied as same as private. They will not have any authority over other homogeneous business entity. No private companies needed to have applied for permission or license from the similar govt. or public firms. They are just like any other private firms. The rules regulations and business policies would be supervised and followed and implemented by another govt. body. The tax, levy, rules and regulations will be applied fairly and equally on every business. No shelter will be provided by govt. in the name of public interest. Public interests will be served in a way other private company does. That audit forums will check it out in the Annual General Meeting if no share is issued to public, otherwise it will be like any other public company.

Issue of businesses:

VOIP, IT, Power, Gas, Water, Transportation, this sector no private companies can get access to compete fairly with public many problems and barriers, they are asked to get permission first from the respective public sectors. Meaning what you are asking your competitors to give you permission to compete! So funny!

Destroying the Entrepreneurship development, the new Entrepreneurs who with their own knowledge and money established and running a business successfully are hampered by arrests and harassment, as if they are criminals. Doing business is a crime. One is getting unfair competitive advantages, same countrymen are debarred. Why where the free and fair competition is is a precondition of generating a good business environment.

Open any newspaper; find out the arrests and seizing of capital machineries in the name of law, which is not ethical in a sense of perfect competition. If they can compete in a way with the public, what is the problem with fight them out in through business strategic planing. Why not fight them in business rather than stamping them out through weapons and jail. May be the ghost of communism in the name of corporations or publics interest is practiced.

Issue is efficiency and effective business policy and capacity to run a business, if you can stay in the market, if you can’t leave it to someone who is better performed. Country will be benefited. Let the competition come first in the business environment, not the bureaucracy and coercion, which is unethical business policy.

We need new Entrepreneurs, we need fair trade, and we need good management practice.


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