U-23 Indonesian National Team Already Deserves to Level up to The Indonesian Senior National Team

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Although not up to produce a gold medal, but the performance of U-23 national team at the SEA Games XXVI viewed positively. Bonai Titus et al. called already deserves to level up to the senior national team.

“They are worthy of replacing the current senior national team. Mix them with Boaz Solossa and several senior national team players will be a good combination,” the commentator former assistant coach who also had menukangi U-16 national team, Mundari Karya, in conversation with detiksport , Monday (21/11/2011).

U-23 national team raises expectations in Indonesia when fans perform well in the SEA Games, following the failure of their seniors at the 2014 World Cup qualifiers. Although both, Indonesia was able to beat Malaysia and lost twice: once in the group, once in the final last night (21/11).

Mundari added, so that the pillars of U-23 national team continues to look good, it presupposes the existence of a solid competition. Dualism controversy related competitions are confusing the public, especially the coach who is now menukangi PSPS Pekanbaru was hoped that all parties who have an interest and authority to consolidate.

“I want a consolidated organization of the competition. It would be nice if there were two different competitions. Poor players if more than one competition,” he said.

Furthermore Mundari PSSI wanted to stop the policy of naturalized players. Despite the arrival of the players that will provide instant solutions for achievement, according to him the policy would turn off young talent possessed by Indonesia.

“Naturalization is really good, just look at the role of Diego Michelis in U-23 national team. But I hope that the policy was discontinued talent of our young players are not wasted,” he concluded.

Menpora said?

Andi Mallarangeng Menpora still praising the struggle ‘Garuda Young’, despite losing in the finals. However, he also warned not to discourage other sports.

Indonesia U-23 national team failed to win the gold medal after losing to Malaysia on penalties on Monday (21/11/2011) evening hrs. Andi did not regret losing it, because for him Melgiansyah Egi et al. ‘ve been playing pretty well.

“Extraordinary young Garuda. This provision in the future to build a formidable team. Indonesia attacks continue. But, eventually losing on penalties. Next time we win,” he said.

“Like food, it’s been good, just less sambelnya alone,” she added.

Although the U-23 national team defeated, Indonesia has been confirmed as the overall champion of the SEA Games XXVI. Therefore, Andi asked to recall also the success of other sports.

“We must not shrink the meaning of other sports, we still prevail,” he said.


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