Indonesian Failure Again in Football, What's Wrong?

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Actually not a surprise. Especially in the SEA Games. Indonesia more fail than succeed. Realistic only. More than a decade, our team has become a shadow of Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and now Malaysia. No longer dominate.

National team always looks convincing in the beginning. Like when Melgiansyah Egi et al. drove from Group A Football SEA Games in 2011. But that’s not enough because it required too “nice” at the end. It also experienced coach Alfred Riedl senior care in AFF 2010.

Frankly, the U23 team is currently only good side of the ferocity of the attack. Perhaps best of all the armed Indonesian national team I ever knew. Titus Bonai and Patrich Wanggai had a good scoring instincts. Just like the other young players from Papua. Likewise, when Boaz Solossa still U23. It could be because the coach Rahmad Darmawan hone hand.

But that’s not enough.

Indonesia has not played ball properly. That is the proper standard of football. How to survive man to man and zonal. How players should always be a certain point in a situation lose the ball. How to move in rhythm while his friend was the ball. How do players have to keep a distance with his friend no more than 5 meters. How is trying to steal the ball from an opponent, how to shadow the opponent and how-how to others.

In short, many Indonesian players who do not understand how the game of football organization is run. And that’s very basic. Because after that newly entered in the advanced stages of talks such as individual skills, physical penggemblengan, tactics and strategy. Playing football that he was not just a simple matter of kicking, heading and running.

Many supporters of Indonesia to assess the current U23 team good. Better than his senior. Maybe. But what is the size of the term “good”? Is it just because the win over Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand are 10 players 9 players? If the parameters are, of course too early to call “good”. Or maybe the level that’s good for Indonesia. And then got stuck when it encounters a better opponent and play by the universal standard of football.

Indonesia wins in three games early because his opponent lost “ferocious” plus then lost a player in the remaining time. But signs that Indonesia has not been “good” can be seen at the time against Thailand in the group stage. With 9 players, Thailand is still able to attack until the penalty box Indonesia. That’s thanks to organizations that are in accordance game grip. Just look at how to throw the ball from the back area of ​​Indonesia could always fall at the feet of Thai players. Because Thailand menampatkan the players at a certain point where the ball will more often fall there.

No need to see how we created a second layer U23 helpless by Malaysia 1-0 in the group stage. Clearly we can see the first layer of U23, yes Egi and his colleagues last night, also made it difficult to create goals against Malaysia. Determination is less mature. Even our defense more often topsy turvy when attacking Malaysia. That’s a testament to the players not yet have an understanding of the defense organization is supposed to do.

Though Malaysia is not an attack strength greater than Indonesia. The players just need to find a place empty so I could get the ball from his friends. Either horizontal or cross the ball breakthrough. Malaysia U23 is a team with a defensive game pattern. At least they would rather wait for the ball of the active opponents seize the ball.

Many other assumptions of the game last night. Patrich if not individually, if physically more powerful and if if else.

But the problem, once again, is not there.

Indonesia U23 squad for the average player in his club’s reserves. Less flying hours. Even that was a lot of flying hours (read: senior) did not get a good intake of organizational game of his coach at the club. Everything was sporadic. We have not talked to an actual physical stamina and club responsibilities as well. Not to also discuss the skills to play their “broken” because of the referee in the competition Indonesia also did not carry out their duties competently.

Another weakness of our U23 national team is poor their improvisations. The flow of the ball always seemed “forced”. When stuck, prefer to execute their own. Linger on the ball when it is pressed by three opposing players. They forget that they are not Lionel Messi, who had a magic skill. They were negligent that there are colleagues who stood waiting for the ball free.

Not to mention the habit of Indonesian players who implement and direct the bait away. It was poisoned and their habits. Even when the coach did not ask his team to play it. This is proof that our players poor improvisation because terkebiri competition.

But this is not one player alone. Again, this error estuary clubs and competitions in Indonesia is not clear form.

Indonesia will be difficult to achieve if it is still relying on sporadic development without careful planning and curriculum based on the feasibility analysis. In football when Indonesia was still manageable without a clear program, just forget about the championship at the Asean level.

But what may make, the national team should still be around for Indonesia still standing. Efforts must still be done. Community spirit still burning support. But managers do not forget to seek a viable competition.

Runyamnya, very difficult to expect the competition will be viable and healthy when the PSSI and its members (the club) just do not think about it except just for-the wealth and political oligarchy. Though the national team is the estuary of healthy competition and consistent.

Failure is not the fault U23 national team players and coaching staff. They’ve been struggling, even beyond its capacity. They failed be


Indonesia U-23 national team tonight will receive a bonus of PSSI of the work and sweat them in the SEA Games XXVI, although not managed to present the gold medal.

Bonuses will be done at home entrepreneur Arifin Panigoro in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Tuesday (11/22/2011) tonight.

“I apologize profusely. The children had struggled all his strength,” said the party responsible for the national team, Bernard Limbong, told reporters in PSSI’s office this afternoon.

Indonesia from Malaysia lost on penalties in the final game last night at the Bung Karno Stadium, and be content with silver medals.

Government through the ministry of youth and sport promised a bonus of Rp 50 million to each athlete who won a silver medal. Limbong said it will add a bonus to the U-23 national team players outside of government.

“Basic him Rp 50 million, but one will get Rp 100 million. We shall make proportionately, because there is a full play throughout the tournament, and others,” said Limbong.

He refused to tell how many total bonus that will be handed over to the U-23 national team. However, he says that money could have been arranged by the managers, coaches, and captains. “Distribution is up to them.”

About the reasons Arifin Panigoro giving the home as a place of thanksgiving and submission bonuses, he said, “There is no motive for anything, but the atmosphere in there comfortably.”

U-23 national team prepared to carry out exhibition match against the United States club Los Angeles Galaxy, on November 30. It is said Limbong, there are several senior national team players who will be involved, but the names have not been established.


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