Asian Player Difficult to be a Best Player in European

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The Asian players who play for clubs in Europe hard won best player of Asia because they set the rules should be present at the award ceremony.

One of Asia’s best players nominated for this year is a Japanese player Shinji Kagawa from German club Borussia Dortmund.Borussia Dortmund will travel to Arsenal in a Champions League continued on Wednesday (23/11).

Controversy is always popping up every November as the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) provides only player who can attend the ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Malayia, which can receive the gift.

Since the regulations into force in 2005, the soccer star of Asia-including Park Ji-sung of Manchester United and Keisuke Honda of CSKA Moscow had no chance of kar-

Changing the rules

Park Ji-sung moved to Europe in 2002 and became the most successful Asian player in history.South Korean striker was carried off four Premier League champions, with Manchester United and also two Dutch league champion.Park is the only player who falls in Asian Champions League final and the first scored in three World Cup matches in a row. But with that achievement, Park was never crowned the best Asian players.

2010 Asia’s best players, Sasa Ognenovski from Australia, said AFC should review the rules and hold a ceremony without requiring players to be present in person.

“I think the rule that players must attend the ceremony (award) interfere with this gift-giving,” said South Korean club Seongnam defender Ihwa Chunma told AP news agency.

“When implementation is also a problem,” added Ognevovski.

“They should consider the players in Europe. Those who play for clubs in Asia are usually able to attend. Maybe if more easily held in December, but the players in the Premier League remains difficult to present,” he said.

Former AFC General Secretary Peter Velappan also said the regulations should present the player also needs to be changed.

“We’re the only confederation that implement this. They have to look back all the Asian players, whether they play in Asia or abroad,” said Velappan.

Different from each region

“We’re the only confederation that implement this. They have to look back all the Asian players, whether they play in Asia or abroad.”

Peter Vellapan

Of the six players nominated as the best player of Asia 2011, only two of which may be heading to Malaysia for the prize-giving on Wednesday (23/11).

The player who is most likely to be present is a defender from Iran’s Hadi Aghily and players Uzbekistan, Server Djeparov, who recently moved from Seoul to the football club Al Shabab, Saudi Arabia.

While Kagawa and Keisuke Honda and Koo Ja-cheol of VFL Wolfsburgh have busy schedules.

Most of the Asian players joining the team each week and European clubs will not allow them to travel long distances to attend the best player award.

Each region has a respective criteria for the best player award.

Each player can win an award from Africa wherever they play, while for South America, the players have competed for the club on the continent or Mexico.

Concacaf, Football Confederation for North and Central America does not provide gifts to players individually while the award for best European players or so-called Ballon d’Or, combined with the FIFA Player of the year 2010.

Starting in 2011, the organization of European football (UEFA) started giving its own awards for the best players-come from any country-club playing in Europe.


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