It’s all about Tupperware

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Give me a “T”!!! Give me an “U”!!! Give me “P”!!! Give me another “P”!!! Give me an “E”!!! Give me a “R”!!! Give me a “W”!!!! Give me an “A”!!! Give me a “R”!!! Give me an “E”!!!  

Yay!!! Yaaayyyy!!! Yaaayyyy!!! What does it spell?!!! I can’t hear you?!!! Louder!!!


To me…Tupperware is the best thing on any “genre” market! Oh we have the critics that say…”It’s way too expensive! Boo…hoo…hoo!” Others will say…”Awwwweee…it’s the same thing as Rubbermaid”…you can go to Walmart and get it for a third of the price!”  

Oh really? Okay… Yes…I hear ya… I know ya talkin’… It can be pricey…but let me ask any of you? How long does Rubbermaid last? A few months? A year or two at best? I have a Tupperware canister set that I bought for my first apartment…back in the summer of 1977. It has no chips…cracks…nor has it peeled. I put it in the dishwasher every now and then…it comes out brand spankin’ new every time!  

Now…how many of you have Rubbermaid products that has lasted over 30 years? Yes…at times Tupperware will crack…split and peel. But let me ask you another question? How many of you can call up Rubbermaid and ask them to replace it or give you a credit…if something goes wrong with your Rubbermaid products and find that they will do it? Not ever…I suppose. Not only will Tupperware do it! But…they will do it for free! That’s right! Ya heard it…straight from the lips of this “Yelper’s” mouth!  

Even if the Tupperware product that you purchased has been discontinued… Tupperware will give you a credit towards another purchase! Now…how can ya lose? When you purchase Tupperware…you are buying something for life!  

I mean…I got bowls…cups…baking pans…cookware (that’s right…cookware)…utinesles refrigerator and freezer containers…storage containers…the list goes on! Yeah…some of these prices will cause your purse strings to need mouth to mouth resuscitation! However…when you realize what you are getting…you recover quickly! It’s like having a baby…there’s a whole lot of pain involved in the delivery…but once you realize what you have…you don’t mind experiencing the discomfort again…just to add one more to the family!

98% percent of my kitchen is filled with Tupperware products! Why not 100%…you might ask? Because…I like to put a product to the test and I bought me some of that “cheap” Rubbermaid and yes…that stuff lasted me about 6 months to a year…before it started to crack and I have yet…been able to get Rubbermaid to send me another item for free!

Now the cool thing is…Tupperware just ain’t for the kitchen any more! I mean…it’s great to store your laundry detergent. Especially the powder. Have you ever noticed…that when you first open a box of powder detergent…you don’t seem to need much for each wash? However…after a few weeks go by…you notice that you seem to need more to get the same results? The reason? The detergent over time…oxidizes because of the air. Well…put that same detergent in an air tight Tupperware container and it stays fresh the entire time and you will find you won’t need to use as much and because of this…it will last longer!

The same goes for the refrigerator and freezer food! Vegetables will last 4 times as long and you won’t see freezer burn…hardly ever!

Some people have gotten really creative with using it! There was a customer who was going on a long trip! With the kids in the car…she seemed to need to stop at a laundry mat…every time she turned around! Well…she got this bright idea once and filled a big Tupperware bowl with water (because it was air tight…she knew the water would not leak out) and put some laundry detergent in it and then placed their undergarments in the bowl. She closed the lid and placed it in the trunk of the car. The vibration of the car coming from the wheels on the road…acted like an agitator from a washing machine. When she arrived at the hotel…she would open the lid and rinse the undergarments out and hung them in the shower. The next morning they would be dry and she started the whole process over. It saved her a lot of time and kept clean undergarments available when needed. Kind of funny…I know…but hey…if it works…why not?

I have been buying this stuff for over 30 years and yes every now and then…I become a consultant…so I can get my Tupperware for at least 25-35% off! Earn a little cash and from time to time…get some free Tupperware!

I have given it for Baby Showers…Wedding Anniversaries…Birthday and even Christmas Gifts! I also like to bake for Christmas…then put the treats in a Tupperware container so my friends can have a nice piece of Tupperware after the treats are gone!

Yes…Tupperware is like “Dial Soap”…many use it! Don’t you wish everybody did???


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