Woodlands LifeWay Christian Store

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And the beat goes on…and the beat goes on… I like this bookstore. The moment you walk into this place, you are greeted with a welcome!  

Call me crazy, but the minute you step foot in the door, you get this overwhelming sense of peace. Not a typical experience you would find in just any retail shop.

Let’s see… Where can I start? Hmmm… Oh! I know! Why not at the front door? Better place than any? Huh?

When you enter this establishment. You will find, to the right, a gift section. Offering an assortment of pictures, mugs, jewelry, trinkets, and plaques, to name a few. Then to the left. You will have the checkout registers. Where that hearty welcome comes from, as you first enter.

There are several sales items for you to peruse, before you get to their general stock. The general stock consists of new arrivals and best sellers in the front. Such as…Joel Osteen, Beth Moore, Max Lucado. Which by the way is my favorite author (Max Lucado that is.) At this moment, I am reading six of his books at the same time. Yeah…six… Hey…I can’t help myself. He is not only a best selling author. He is one of the most entertaining writers out there. He can make you laugh, cry and encourage you, all at the same time! As well as offer you sound Biblical truths. He’s not a “preachy” type of author. I mean…he loves to explain the atmosphere going on around him, use many popular slogans, principles, movies, songs, etc…to explain his thoughts. But does it with such taste and style. I try to pattern myself after him, but I haven’t come close! So, don’t worry. You will find his reading much better than mind. It’s my understanding, that he pastors a church in San Antonio. His materials, can help calm the storms in your life. While trying to make sense of the madness going on around you!

Oh goodness… I did it again. Didn’t I? Got off on my soap box. Oh…what the heck! It was worth giving him a plug. I hope he is listening? Are you Max?

Anyway… Back to the tour. To the left of the store, is a huge selection of Bibles in various translations. They also offer a selection of audio Bible’s and books…so you can listen on the go.  

In the middle of the store, they offer the standard, classic books of various sorts. I.E. Motivational, bibliographies, self-help, inspirational, fiction, etc. Plus, a seasonal card section.

Towards the back, (to the left)…is where you will find all your commentaries and many bible studies for individuals and church congregations.

In the middle towards the back…is where you will find the music section. Offering Christian gospel, rap, hard-rock, contemporary, worship, reggae, classical, and jazz selections. Artist like; Michael W. Smith, D.C. Talk, Delirious?, and Jennifer Knapp to name a few. The selections are endless, for such a small store.

There is also a concert DVD selection. In the same area, a “big screen” on the back wall, plays music from diversified artists. There is an area to listen to the CD’s, so you can “try” before you buy. It doesn’t matter if there is not a demo available. They will open one up for you to listen to. The staff in this store, is the most incredibly helpful personnel, that I have ever come across.

In the very back towards the right. You will find the kids section. An accompaniment section for those who need music to perform. Plus, they have a section of popular Biblical teachers, like Beth Moore. Now…if you are familiar with the Christian sect. You are no stranger to Beth Moore. She is “what’s” happening in the Christian world today. Funny…funny…funny…is the best way to describe her. She has a gift of relaying the word of God, using her practical everyday experiences and making you laugh your head off at the same time! There are numerous, DVD and Bible study materials from her, and other authors, that churches use throughout the country in this section.

Yes…I had to give this store a nice little plug. You don’t see too many folks giving the Christian world a “thumbs-up” these days. In fact…I had to add this establishment to the list, because no-one bothered to create one, as of yet. Unfortunately…the many blessed individuals of the “spiritually mentally challenged”…whom portrays God as a “fruitcake”…has put a “damper” on how the rest of the word views Christianity. All I can say is…everyone deserves at least one chance in this world and I think…this establishment is a good place to start.


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