The Issue of Mass Rapes in The Congo

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Recently the Democratic Republic of Congo was announced the worst place in the world for women to live in. However the newest researches claim that the situation in Congo is even worse – 1152 women get raped every day which makes it averagely 48 women per hour. This is 26 times more since the last time UN conducted such a research where the average annual statistic was 16 000 rapes (per year). According to the newest research between 2006 and 2007 over 400 000 women had been raped in this Central African country.

It is possible that the horrifying number is even higher since the research was conducted entirely among sexual assault victims, and yet many other assaulted women prefer not to reveal such crimes against them. Over 60 000 000 people live in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The African country has been torn apart by civil wars for decades. Congo’s fast forests are full of armed groups which systematically use the sexual assault as a weapon against the native population.
The research was conducted by American scientists and will be published in June. It shows that 29 out of 1000 women in Congo are or have been victims of sexual assault and molestation. This would clearly mean that even in those parts of the country where the armed conflicts are much less present, the probability for a woman to be raped is 58 times more that in the United States, where on every 1000 women the rape count is half a rape victim.

According to the research the most intensive rape rate is in the North Kivu province. This province is most severely affected by the conflicts. 67 of every 1000 women had been raped at least one between 2006 and 2007.
The researchers questioned 3400 women. They were very much surprised by the huge number of rapes in those parts of Congo where there is no direct impact from the combats. So the conclusion is very important and very clear – the rapes had spread like a cancer through a climate of impunity and had turned into one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time. The last comment was made by Michael VanRooyen, the Director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.

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