Faneuil Hall Market Place Best of Boston Beautiful Destinations

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Faneuil has to be one of the best places in Boston to visit. If you like food, shops and lots of people you will love Faneuil Hall Market Place. There is so much to do and see there so be prepared to spend many hours in the market place area. There are restaurants, cafes, Arts & Crats Booths, Jewelry Shops, Mimes, Musicians, Florists, Pubs, Ice Cream Shops, Chocolate Booths, Food carts, Novelty shops, Clothes Stores, window shopping, etc, etc.. So much to do and see. Just make sure you not only have alot of time to spend but money also if you enjoy shopping. It may seem a little pricey to some people but you can always find a good deal if you don’t mind taking your time and shopping around. Also, even if your pocket book is stretched you don’t need alot of money to visit if you enjoy people watching. You can sit and have a cup of gourmet coffee for an inexpensive hour or so and just relax and watch the people go by. Or you can go and purchase and ice cream and watch a street musician or mime. There is always some one who is providing free entertainment throughout the area. If you like jazz or blues music you can always drop into one of the many pubs they have. Purchase a beer or even a soda – if you don’t drink alchohol – and just soak up the atmosphere. It’s a really cool area to meet people too whether you are young or old. Faneuil Hall Market place is just a great place to go and a must see for those visiting Boston.


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