Money Saving tips for dog owners

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We currently have three dogs, one puppy and two adults, when we got our puppy we were faced with the shots, the food, the neutering surgery and a lot of other costs that you dont pay too much attention to when you first see your small fat cute puppy. 

We started researching how to avoid expenses without jeopardizing the health of our puppy and the well being of our other two dogs. Here are my suggestions for other dog owners out there in a similar situation: 

– We got our dogs vaccinated at Petco, they have a vaccination day twice a month, on saturdays and they help you save a lot of money on vet bills, we got the shots for our puppy for less than 100 dollars and that included all his shots, the rabies, bordetella, parvo, the whole package. They also give allergy medication if your dog has any. and also there is where we vaccinate our adult dogs, which are cheaper because they only need the boosts. 

-We neutered two of our dogs on the mobile clinic of the aspca. That was a real blessing, because we also got our puppy microchiped all for 40 dollars, and people on government help get it for free, we didnt, but still 40 dollars for neutering is pretty much like free. Our dogs healed beautifully and had no problems at all. 

– We buy our food in bulk which also saves us a lot of money. Originally we were buying a 15 lb bag of food for 40 dollars, and it was a high quality food, and then we went to Petco and saw the 30 lb bag of  the same food for 45 dollars, which meant we were going to get double the food for just five more dollars!,  my husband and I were so amazed we’ve been spending so much extra money on food for so long! 

– We also buy the 100 pack of wee-wee pads for around 35 dollars, and us being apartment dwellers really need to have those on hand, but if you are committed to housetrain your dog and have a strict schedule you dont really need to worry too much about them. 

So anyhow, with the money that we save on those essentials, we can afford to get some nice things for our dogs from time to time, and that makes us happy. 


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