Adult Acne – How To Deal With It

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Acne is common in adolescents and during pregnancy, when it occurs in adults, is a very stressful situation for them, because society does not approve acne or adults. Some adults feel so embarrassed that they want to hide acne with the eyes of others. Studies have shown a little ‘more acne, it may be too isolated from a genetic disorder that occurs because of hormonal imbalances. And ‘due to the production of oil and poor exfoliation of dead cells. Acne lesions usually seen in adults do, but can also occur at any time in the chest, neck, back, scalp, legs, arms and even shoulders. Adult acne is very slow compared to teen acne, acne diminishes over time seen in adolescence, when hormones are regulated. Another major drawback of adult acne is that it will lead to permanent scarring.

Key factors that contribute to adult acne:

The hormones are considered the main culprit and, especially, causes a rash or outbreak of acne. However, he thought of the organs that produce hormones? The fact is that the kidneys, liver and skin are the organs involved in removing impurities and waste particles in the body, if any of the organs do not function properly and not have to waste out the body can cause acne in adults. Acne or rashes on the skin is the first sign of failure of these institutions face. To facilitate the departure of the water body is very important when the water is taken in good quantities in the intestines and are eliminated from the blood becomes too get rid of toxic elements. If the water content decreases the skin can not do its function of removing waste, or the lungs may not be able to oxygenate the blood due to impurities in the air and keeps blowing on it. Therefore, the factors of acne may be air, food, emotional stress, water, etc.

Adult acne natural treatments:

Body wastes must be disposed of properly to facilitate the person must be exposed to clean air, water, eating natural foods rich in antioxidants. A natural face wash composed of clean, warm water with lemon juice can be used for skin care. The lemon has the ability to reduce fat from the skin, minimizing acne in adults. Foods rich in fiber helps eliminate toxins and waste from the body, facilitating digestion. Also when the use of cosmetics, care must be taken not to use cosmetics based lubricants.


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