Select And Apply Perfect Makeup Foundation

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Beautiful makeup requires the perfect base for makeup.

The Foundation creates a blank canvas, face, where the colors have been added: eye shadow, blush and lipstick. It ‘also the setting agent. It ‘also the setting agent for these products has been a barrier to the color and natural skin oils that would otherwise dissolve the make-up. But because it covers the largest share of the face, the Foundation has perfectly into the skin.

Foundation for different skin types

Before buying a new basis, there are two problems to solve.

First, the foundation supplement for your skin type.

Oily skin, for oily skin that tends to shine, oil-free formulation will prevent excess oil production, and most contain dry dust extra oil produced.

Normal skin, normal skin can take virtually any language, but a liquid will give a broad coverage without looking caked or heavy. Dry skin needs extra skin with moisturizers to keep its flexibility and to prevent the skin to drink in makeup. A cream formulation makeup last longer and also hydrate.

Foundation Colors

The best time to choose a color, is when the skin is at its natural tone. So, after your holiday or morning after self-tanning applications are not the best. The best place to try to do is in the jaw line.

Basically, the foundation color is divided into two categories;

• Foundation bases with yellow tones

• Foundation bases with pick tones

The most common types tinted yellow skin Asian skin are yellow and black, while fair skin usually have shades of pink. It is important to choose a base that matches your skin base, if the makeup does not mix well no matter how you use it.

Use of make-up bases

Oily skin, oily skin, apply oil-free formula is fast, because they dry quickly. With clean fingers does not apply to small areas in need of coverage is the best way, not just in each area at a time, until the front is perfect.

Normal skin, normal skin, the cream powder or powder foundation choice can change the amount of time spent in its application. Cream-to-powder is best applied with a sponge, which begins in the middle of the face and working outwards, to run a few moments. Liquid foundation looks more natural, applied to the foundation with a brush. Again, working with a brush, taking care not to use around the eye area. Mineral makeup powder or foundation should be applied with a brush in large dust, but does not provide the same level of cover fluid, is a great make-up that is in a hurry.

Dry skin, dry foundation skin cream moves well around the face, and a little goes a long way. Dry skin tends to have a few spots, so focus on areas that need coverage and leave areas clear all: therefore get the color match is critical

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