10 Ways on How You Should Use Social Media For Your Business

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 Social networking sites like Facebook , Twitter were initially tagged as a sites to connect with your friends and family but this barrier has been broken these social networking sites have become a part of corporate promotion and client building.  These social networking sites have become and ideal place to build business relationship and get potential clients.  Sites like LinkedIn have been developed specifically to run your business.  The success of your company just not depends on how well you develop but also how well you are going to market them .For this Social media has become an  indispensable  option. Here are 10 ways to make social media work for you.

1)Keep the social media updated

When you use social media to promote your business make sure that you provide updated information to your followers.  Because a small incorrect information that you pass on through this social media can spoil the whole reputation. And the people should know about the latest releases or up gradation in your products and this will bring more confidence and reliability  upon your company.

2)Keep your personal and business online lives apart

If you think that Social media promotion forms a vital part of your business promotion then your social networking profile for your business and personal life has to be separate. Where you can use one Facebook/Twitter accounts for your friends and family and another pair for your business colleagues and clients. This will help you to be even more professional. And not but not the least Using LinkedIn besides giving you more professional connection will also increase your reputation online!!

3)Use aggregator apps to manage your social networking profile effectivley

When you have accounts in social networking sites (more than 3) then updating them individually will take a lot of time as we have to login and log out each time we have to enter. For this many aggregator apps are available  that brings the profile of all your social media into a single window. This will help you to save a lot of time. Besides making sure that we update the context in all the social media without missing any.

4)Don’t flood the social media with your updates

It is important that you have to keep your users and followers updated about the happening in your company but you should not go over board for that by flooding your updates on your follower’s newsfeed/Timeline. Even if you plan to send more updates to your users on a particular day make sure that you don’t update them all at a stretch they should be updated in a fixed time , interval in such a way that it does not cause irritation to the users

5)Be Interactive

When you use social media it is not that you should just post the information about you and your company always , you should also participate in the discussion and other useful activities that goes on in these sites and this will help the people to realize that you are not here just for business!

6)Your updates should show your professionalism

The updates you post in these social networking sites should be very professional as it a matter of reputation of your company. If you go overboard then people will mark spam or unfollow or hide your post. Which is  definitively not good for your company.

7)Get Customer Feedback and Opinion

Social media are an excellent sites to gain the opinion and Feedback of your users. When you start a discussion on Facebook about your products it will surely get you a lot of real feedback from the users who have used them. On the other case many will find it an extra work to type and send a mail about your product but the case of social media is quite different. If the reviews are good enough then it is sure to attract new customers. Even if the reviews are bad it will be a good platform to correct your mistakes.

8)Drive Traffic to your Website

You can’t provide everything about your service to the people. Hence you have place a link in your updates to drive traffic to your site. People who are interested will surely click on the link to reach your site.

9)Dress it up with multimedia

It is not just you that use social media for your business promotion ,millions are also doing the same . Hence if you want your updates to hit the bulls eye then you have to do something to make your updates more attractive . Using multimedia is always a good option , besides it delivers the content you have to spread more effectively and easily.

10) Move Positive Information to the Top

When someone has given negative comments over your company then it is sure to give a black dot for your reputation . In that case creating company blogs and more social networking sites that speaks of the positive aspects will pull the negative feedback on the backfoot in Google or any other search Engine.

The above 10 ways are sure to bring a huge success to your organisation if used effectively.


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