How To Write The Best Wedding Speech

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I thank God for the miracle to recreate life in my marriage. My spouse has committed adultery through pornography. I was fooled into thinking that I had a great marriage, but she was dead and I could not recognize it. Now my husband and I pray together every day. We both individual quiet times and often share what God teaches. Before I suffered with low self-esteem, but God showed me in the beginning that I should look for him self and not my husband. I learned what a loving father, he can be. God raised from the dead my marriage and I was able to show the unconditional love of my husband. “(North Carolina)

“I sent a prayer request Charlyne Cares joyous and orderly. She responded by e-mail that forgiveness was the first step. I entered the location for our wedding, with my friend at work who have recently divorced. We met every day to pray, share and encourage one another. My prodigal son returned home last Thursday, five months after the separation. God is truly awesome God! The Lord has shown me that much of the problem in my Marriage was for me. how I could be harmful to my marriage.I forgive, I also prayed that God would give me to see my husband as he sees it. I thank God for your ministry. You have a source of encouragement, hope and of faith in education my personal relationship with the Lord is richer because of their teaching and sharing. I continue to be with my family and others around the world. I thank God for you and your ministry, and are children of God, what have you.

I can not express my gratitude to this e-mail. I can not wait to meet and worship with you in Nashville in November. I thank God and thank you. “(Tennessee)

“My husband and I are back together. Praise be to God ‘success just as you said, quick and unexpected. There was a lot of pain and loneliness, when all was said and done, it really was not so long . The Lord moved me from this hateful person has always been screaming that this is a love, caring, person. I am now a wife who not only deserves, but I’ve always wanted. I can not take any credit for this, because it is only the grace of God that changed me. Thank you so much words of encouragement during the process. “(Tennessee)

“My husband left me angry and threatening, and said he wanted a divorce. I had no idea where he was. I called a day of prayer for him yesterday and prayed that I hear from him. He called for me this morning and told me he was with a family and that he and God spoke, and he was sorry for what he had done and said. Love never fails. “(Maine)

“Last December, I married my husband divorced after many years. God is so good. He also has blessed us with our first new house that we moved in December as well. Marriage is wonderful, but the pitfalls that we lived in a way remind us that we can never stop praying for our wedding, because we have an enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Praise the Lord. ” (Florida)

“The Lord has restored my marriage broken. I thank God for the day, he led me through the Internet to Rejoice Ministries. Their ministry has been a great help to me in my stand for my wedding. The Lord has been good for me because in many ways. My husband came to the Lord by the power of prayer. I prayed every day and every night to the Lord for the life of my husband and I pray that each meter will never give up. The battle may seem long and hard, but eventually you will discover, as I have done all that you are going through right now will strengthen your relationship with the Lord and restore anything that is broken in your life. God heals marriages evil. ” (Florida)


“My husband told me that he’s still in love with me! Another court date came and went. I also said last week that it would cancel the divorce proceedings, and we talked about him coming home! Ended to call his lawyer yesterday and cancelingeverything.


“My prodigal son has returned to me. The situation is used in honor of his name. My prodigal son has asked for my forgiveness and wants us to start over. He wants God in their lives and that we are praying. Thurs God be the glory He is so faithful. ” (South Africa)

“Praise God, I give my husband. God would not let me, even though almost every day I asked him to give me permission to let go. He promised me that my husband would be with him and I stuck to that promise. God was faithful, and he saw me through these difficult times. Today is my home, my husband and my children, going to church with us, and is changing. Thank you, Jesus. ” (Virginia)

“My husband returned to us for Thanksgiving. Praised be Jesus and his holy name. Our Lord keeps his promises.” (Pennsylvania)

“Praise God for His Word, and thank God for Rejoice Ministries helped me to” stand “during our separation. After 32 years of marriage, asked me to go. Praise the Lord, I am come” home ” and my husband and me to church and pray together. There is still much work to restore faith and confidence that the month of separation costs. His books and tapes that helped me to keep keep in prayer, when it would been easier to listen to my friends. Thank you and God bless you and this ministry. ”

“Blessed be the Lord, my husband came home for Christmas. It was a total surprise. God has been so good and faithful during this trial. He gave me a lot of promise and writes. Lord, gently and patiently directed my steps. He changed my heart for my husband and allowed me to love unconditionally and deeper than ever. I am so excited to be on the restoration of the road. “(New Hampshire)


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