Interview- Tips And Strategies

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Top tips to attend an interview successfully.-triond- bukisa-21\11\11

The way you attend your interview decides your fate in acquiring a good job. Not all can face an interview with self-confidence and courage. You tend to get nervous because you are about take a gigantic step towards your future. Do not be jittery and lack luster while you are being interviewed. These tips might help you in your interview and good luck.

First impression is the best impression. You should follow the dress code to the full. Though there are no exact specifications for your dress, remember the way you dress is going to make an emphatic impact. Your attire should be well pressed and fit you properly. Do not wear too bright colors for your interview as it jars the eyes. Be mild in your color selection .Your shoes should be well polished. Never wear jeans and T shirts for your interview as it does not create the impression that you are professional in your attitude. Your hair should be neatly combed and you should be clean shaven.

For the women, they should not sport too much of jewelry as it would be a distraction. Have your hair pulled back and clipped. Your nails should be well maintained. Your perfume should be mild and do not wear long danglers. A simple earring would suffice. It is better to present a sober and professional façade than a flamboyant one, as it would be a minus point, pulling you down in the evaluation of your interviewers.

Your body language is an indicator as to how confident you are and you will be watched keenly by your interviewer. Do not sit slouched and clumsily. Your posture should be erect and should signify your confidence. Be calm and collected. Do not think negatively as it would reflect in your face and you start fumbling. Do not fidget and twist your rings, or run your fingers over your hair. These actions signify you are nervous and would never escape the eagle eyes of your interviewer.

Your hand shake should be firm and confident. If you extend a limp and sweaty hand, it signifies your nervousness. Be mild in your hand movements. Practice before the mirror before venturing for an interview and see whether you are being too dramatic in your hand movements. Do not use too much of it as it would be taken as complete lack of professionalism.

Your leg movements also should be watched. Do not shake your legs and keep on crossing and uncrossing your leg as it another form of tenseness. Do not sit with one leg on top of your knee as it will give the implication that you are arrogant or too casual. Let your ankle be crossed and firm in the floor and this is the best posture for an interview.

Your eye contact is the most important aspect which you should never overlook. Your eyes should maintain straight and confident contact with the interviewer. Always maintain your eye contact which will create a good impression of your honesty. If your eyes keep wavering you come out as a person lacking in self-confidence. Your eye contact should not be too staring and look deep into the eyes of the interviewer implying your arrogance. If you keep looking down, you come out as a meek and submissive person.

Your voice modulation should be just the right pitch, neither too loud nor too low. Do not be garrulous and talk too much to show that you are very knowledgeable. Talk firmly and to the point. Do not laugh loudly and make petty jokes. You will not come out good in the eyes of the interviewer if you show too much of emotions. Do not show off about something of which you have no firm idea. If you do not know something it is better to be frank about it, rather than being off the target in your answers.

Be punctual for your interview and always give room for the traffic jam you might be caught. Know about the exact location of the company and be prepared for it. If you keep asking the way on the day of your interview you will become highly strung up. By the time you reach your destination you will lose your cool and look sweaty and disheveled.

Check and cross check whether you have all the relevant documents. Have a Xerox copy of your documents as you will need it. A paper and pen will come good to take notes and it would create a good impression of your sincerity. Have a good sleep and get up a little earlier to do a little meditation as it will relax and soothe your nervousness.

Do not indulge in arguments and fights with your family while venturing out for your interview. If you do so your emotions will reflect in your face, behavior and your total mood will be upset. Have a good time with your family and set out for your interview with confidence and courage.


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