Sperm Enemies: Cigarettes, Alcohol, Red Meat, Hot Water Bath

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Eat nutritious foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for both men and their partners health. For men who are infertile, this advice should be adhered to. Therefore, research has shown that male fertility is very influenced by diet and lifestyle.

Foods that are good for most high fertility obtained from fruits and grains and reduce red meat, alcohol, and coffee. Similarly, as reported by researchers from Brazil in the journal Fertility and Sterility.

Previous research has linked weight, smoking, and drinking alcohol with reproductive disorders in women, but it is not clear whether the same is true for men.

The study found:
1. Being overweight and drinking alcohol is associated with sperm concentrations more dilute and less agile.
2. Smoking causes the negative effects of kutrang gesitnya sperm.
3. Alcohol and coffee linked to lower chances of conception.
4. Formation rates of embryos and pregnancy rates were significantly lower when the men consumed a lot of red meat.
On the other hand, eating whole grains and cereals is associated with increased concentration and sperm motility.
5. Spend much time in hot tubs can also inhibit the success of fertility treatment.

“These findings are consistent with the idea that vitamins, minerals and certain amino acids can help maintain or improve the quality of semen, while too much alcohol and certain hormones in processed meat can be harmful to sperm,” said Dr. Edson Borges, Jr. of Fertility-Assisted Fertilization Centre in Sao Paulo.

“We are talking about a healthy lifestyle and try to eliminate things that are bad for health, but I think most people tend to emphasize on the part of women to be as healthy as possible,” said Dr. Lynn Westphal, women’s health and fertility specialist at Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto, California who was not involved in this study.

“These findings reinforce the importance for men and women to eliminate the bad things in the diet or lifestyle as much as possible,” added Dr. Westphal was quoted as saying of Health24.com, Tuesday (11/22/2011).

Dr. Westphal explained that spend much time in hot tubs can also inhibit the success of fertility treatment. He added that any food and lifestyle changes men in an effort to improve the sperm will take several months for subtle effects, so eat good food a few days before IVF will not be effective.

The researchers recruited 250 men who were undergoing intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in one health center along with her partner. ICSI is in vitro fertilization procedure in which sperm is injected directly into the egg.

The researchers gave the volunteers a question about how frequently they ate various foods, and how much they are drinking and smoking. They also analyzed the semen samples at each step of the process of fertilization in vitro fertilization.

Eggs are successfully fertilized is about three-quarters of the amount entered in care, and only less than 40% of women who managed to become pregnant during the study. From the speed of sperm to the couple the opportunity to get pregnant, men who consumed alcohol and consume less nutritious foods have the worst outcomes.


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