Dreams come true in the unknown life-review of Japanese TV drama “I’ll be back”

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“I’ll be back” talks about a lot of things, such as friendship, love, parents, life planning, future, destiny and hopes. But in my opinion, the major point of this TV drama is that dreams come true in the unknown future life. Although it is an old Japanese TV drama, it is worth being seen again and again.

The movie is about a youngster who has to come back to Dec 23, 1995 from Dec 31, 1999. He repeats the 4-year life for 6 times and he found some other people who have the same experience as him. Finally they together find the way to continue their future and they can enjoy their unknown life.

As shown in the drama, when you can’t back to the past, you hope to; but when this is achieved and you must feel boring about the repeated life although you can change it as you like. As said in the drama, the meaning of life is the unknown future. If you have known your future, think carefully right now whether you will lose hope. The movie makes me like my life more and excited about my unknown future life.

Also as shown in the drama, the youngster has a lot of dream to be made come true, and the reason to repeat the life is also for a dream. We have lots of dreams. When you regret about not achieving it in the past, why not make it come true in the future.

We are the happiest people because we have the unknown future which can make our dreams come true.


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