Dog Obedience Training

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Dog obedience training is the single most important gift you can teach your dog. When a dog has been trained dog obedience,  he will be a well rounded obedient dog. Dog owners must train a dog obedience the moment the dog, or puppy arrive in the home. You must not expect your dog to know what dog obedience is. You are the leader. Leaders must show the dog what is acceptable behavior.

Dog obedience will be easy. As long as dog owners reward good behavior with treats. Dog owners will be most successful when using treats as a reward.

Dog obedience training must consist of simple commands. Sit, Stay, Down, Come, and Heel. There are many more commands that you can train a dog to do. These are the most important for your dog to know first. Train a dog in small increment of time. Dog owners will be more successful with dog obedience training if they start with 10 minutes of training, a couple times a day.  

My clients complain of dogs jumping on them and their quests. I ask them if the dog was trained to Sit, and Stay? Dog owners always say yes. If a dog is still jumping, then dog owners need to go back to basics. Train the dog or puppy obedience as if it never knew the command. Practice makes perfect. Use treats and positive praise when they are successful.

If your dog is jumping you might be the problem. Some dog owners come home from work and walk through the door. Dog owners are so happy to see their dog.  Owners will lavish the dog with affection, and hug the dog. This behavior causes the dog to become over excited and jump on the owners. Dog owners unconsciously teach the dog to jump when they arrive home. This is a negative pattern that must be stopped.  

You can still love and show affection to your dog. Just make sure that the dog is sitting patiently before showing affection. By doing this you teach your dog obedience. The dog will realize if I sit and stay calm my owner will give me positive praise.  

Remember that yelling or hitting a dog will only teach your dog to fear you. If a dog fears you it will not respect or listen to you. It can also make a good dog become aggressive. There is no such thing as a bad dog. Just bad owners.


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