How to House Train a Puppy

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House training a puppy is not hard, as long as you take is seriously. Commit 100% to house training your puppy, and it wont take a long time. If you are reading this article you are off to a good start. House training a puppy will require patients, constancy, and leadership. If you have all three of these qualities you will be successful on house training your puppy.

How to House Train a Puppy Tip # 1:  

First you need to understand how puppies think. They are absolutely smart enough to be house trained in a couple of weeks. I’m not saying that there wont be accidents in your home. I just want to be clear on one fact. The more time you devote to your puppy, the faster he will learn. If everyone in your household is clear on how to house train your puppy. You will have a well balance obedient puppy in no time.

If you don’t catch your puppy in the act , don’t scold him. Puppies do not remember that they soiled the carpet an hour ago. So if you come home and hit or yell at your puppy. Your puppy will have absolutely no idea why. This will confuse, and terrify your puppy. Which will case him not respect you. If your puppy does not respect you, good luck house training your puppy. It will get worse, and your puppy will grow into his adult years not trusting you. If you want an obedient well rounded dog. Don’t scold him unless you catch him in the act. Even 1 minute after, is too long. You must catch your puppy while he is doing something wrong, or he will not understand. If your puppy doesn’t understand he will not learn from his mistakes. This is the number one problem I see in my clients house training a puppy. They believe that when they come home and see the puppy run into the other room. That the puppy know it did something wrong. The truth is the puppy remember the owner coming home and being mad. So the puppy feels like running, and hiding every time the owners return home. The puppy remembers the yelling and hitting. Not the garbage can that he tipped over, and drug all over the living room.  

Now you understand how a puppy thinks, you can successfully house train your puppy. 

How to House Train a Puppy Tip # 2:  

You need to figure out if your puppy will go potty inside or outside. You can be successful with puppy pads inside, and training your puppy to potty outside. But doing both will take longer in house training your puppy. I find that it can be hard to break your puppy from going to the bathroom inside, when you remove the puppy pads. It can become confusing to your puppy. It is not impossible to do, it just will take longer. It would be best to make a decision from the beginning.  

Puppy pads are great if you are going to potty train indoors. They come scented with a chemical that encourages puppies to pee or poop on the puppy pads. The key is watching out for the signs. Your puppy will start to circle around and start sniffing the floor when it needs to relive itself. Watch for the signs and pick up the puppy and quietly set your puppy on the puppy pad. When your puppy goes potty praise your puppy and reward your puppy with a treat.  

When house training your puppy to potty outside. Watch for the same signs. Your puppy will start sniffing and circling the floor when he needs to relive itself. When you see your puppy do this pick up your puppy and bring him outside. Stay with your puppy to make sure he does potty. When he does praise him and reward your puppy with a treat.

Remember when house training a puppy. Puppies have small bladders, with very little bladder control. Encourage your puppy to go outside to relieve himself every hour.

How to House Train a Puppy Tip # 3:  

When house training a puppy. Remember that puppies have the sensation to chew. Have lots of chew toys for your puppy when house training. This is important so puppies can learn that furniture is off limits, but the chew toys are expectable. When you see your puppy chewing on anything other then his chew toys. Correct your puppy by putting a chew toy in his mouth. When the puppy starts to chew on his chew toy praise him. A puppy will learn what is off limits to chew on if you correct him. This takes time. Don’t expect your puppy to know what is okay to chew on. You will have to teach him. House training a puppy means to watch your puppy all the time so you can correct any negative behavior.


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