Pet or Puppy Insurance

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If you have pets, you  probably heard of pet insurance. Are you wondering if you should get pet insurance? Keep reading. I had a client that had a dog who become mysteriously sick. In 24 hour it had to be put in the veterinary hospital. They ran test after test. Finally they came to the conclusion that their dog had been exposed to poison. The poison was from a lawn treatment the neighbor used on his lawn. The dog was very close to death. The total cost to save the dog was over $3000 dollars.

The owner unfortunately did not have pet insurance. It was a huge unexpected financial burden. But they came up with the money, and saved their dog.

My point is we don’t always know what could happen tomorrow. So if you know you can afford a vet bill over $3000 dollars you might not need pet insurance. But if you cant it might come down to euthanize a beloved pet. I highly recommend pet insurance. I tell all my clients about VPI pet insurance. It is very affordable and can save you thousands of dollars down the road.

The premiums are different depending on how much coverage you want. You can go to their website for more information, and a free quote. For puppies the monthly premium is usually less then it would be for older dogs.

Pet insurance is growing more popular every year. It can also save you money on vaccination, pet medication, and vet visits. My clients all like the pet insurance from VPI. The one comment I hear most is “It saves me so much money”.


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