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If big or small screen, LCD TVs suffer from certain flaws: they have lower contrast ratios, refresh rates lower, narrow viewing angle. Although, if you take certain precautions, could end up with the best LCD TV on the market.

Currently, Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp are the bigger brands in the market for LCD TVs. Even computer monitor manufacturers like Dell and Gateway have made a foray into the LCD TV market. However, a big brand name does not guarantee that television is the best. Even reputed companies purchase monitors and other parts from other countries to save on costs. This affects the overall quality of the TV. It is essential to watch TV while in the showroom before ordering.
One thing to consider is the aspect ratio. Some widescreen LCD TVs boast an aspect ratio of 16 to 9. However, blindly accepting that this could be a mistake. Some screens just stretch the image to fit the screen. Thus, the images become jagged and washed out. Best LCD TVs are those that can retain their resolutions even when the image is stretched to fit screen 16 to 9. Trust your eyes to judge that.

One other thing is the viewing angle. LCD TVs were big duds earlier regarding their viewing angles. Due to the principle of torque pixel LCD monitors, LCD visuals would be nearly invisible from more obtuse angles. But now this problem is diminishing rapidly. Contemporary LCD TVs have viewing angles as obtuse as 160 degrees.

LCD televisions are readily available in three varieties: standard definition (SD), enhanced definition (ED) and high definition (HD). HDTVs are best as they can be used as computer monitors and regular TVs because they can produce both digital and analog signals. These TVs have higher freeze rates and so can best motion pictures.

It is mainly to check the distinctive features given a good LCD TV. Best LCD TVs could be those that have all the above features, together with elegant design, light weight and easy controls button. Not only that, you must compare price too. I hope this information is useful for  you.        

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