Do Electronic Books Lower The Quality of Literature?

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In today’s world, electronic editions of books, or eBooks, are becoming very popular and their use is growing day by day. You can find thousands of book titles available online, such as erotic books, adventure stories, or non-fiction materials such as books analyzing the political situation of a country, or travel guides which instruct tourists about what they need to know when they visit a certain place.

These electronic books are sold or made available for free download through a variety of websites and online marketplaces. The most popular one right now would definitely be the Amazon Kindle Store. However, there are smaller eBook marketplaces and “virtual book stores” in existence all around the internet.

There are two reasons as to why eBooks have enjoyed such a surge in popularity lately. There is first the lower price, where eBooks are selling for a fraction of what a “normal” book would cost. Thus, you can find plenty of romance books online selling for less than $5, while a paper book in the same category would usually cost around $20.

There is also the issue that anyone can publish a book online, without needing to have their work approved for publication by a book publisher. These two things are getting some people worried that electronic books will result in literature being “cheapened” and a drop in book quality.

However, many experts in both literature and online business would disagree with this. If eBooks cost less money to buy than paper books, this is because the overhead associated with producing them and delivering them to the consumer is much lower, mainly due to the fact that no physical merchandise needs to be made, stored and then shipped to the buyer. Lower prices also make reading more accessible to those who have a limited budget to spend on books.

As for the quality issue, it should be known that eBooks are selling by the millions each year. In fact, some independently published books have managed to bring in more than a million dollars in revenue for the author. If these books weren’t of good quality, then such a large number of people would not have purchased them.

The internet has been very helpful for independent artists, such as writers, movie producers and musicians. Anyone can put their creation online, where it can be seen by billions of people from around the globe. As far as “quality” is concerned, this is up to the people to judge. If they don’t like a certain creator’s work, then they simply will not look at it. With the internet, those with a creative flair are free to create and distribute their works in any way they want, without needing anyone else approval.

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Carmella Borcher is the author of this article and is an avid fan of romance novels – particularly erotic books and erotic ebooks.


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