Kobo Launches Android Based E-Reader

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According to information from Marketplace USA, Kobo has released a new e-reader device, called the Kobo Vox, which will integrate many web browsing, communication, as well as social networking features in their new e-reader. This device, similar to others already on the market, has the basic function of allowing users to read electronic books without having to sit in front of a computer. So users can read their favorite romance novels, for example, anywhere they are, whether they are lying down on their couch, or outside their home.

The Kobo Vox features a color screen, which is something that many users of e-readers have been asking to get for quite some time now. This will allow people to easily read eBooks and documents that contain color graphics and pictures. Even though it is a new development, it should be noted that the Kobo Vox does not bring anything revolutionary to the e-reader marketplace. The Amazon Kindle Fire  has a color screen and similar features and so do some of the most recent models of other e-readers.

It is, however, the first e-reader to use the Android 2.3 operating system, which is a platform that is used on many mobile devices like tablet PCs and smart phones. One of the things that Kobo is marketing the device as is “The first social e-reader”. This is because of unique apps included on the device that make sharing information with others through social media easy. Users can connect with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with just the click of a button. So if you want to comment on the latest romance books online, doing so will be very easy from the Kobo Vox. The application is called Reading Life and is designed to increase the social aspect of reading eBooks. It also has the innovative feature of allowing you to directly share entire books, pages, as well as individual paragraphs from the book that you are reading.

A lot of people who read different kinds of books, such as erotic booksand online romance novels will appreciate some of the social features, as they can also be used to spot recommendations from other users regarding which eBooks are the best in this, and many other categories.

However, there is also a concern that the availability of social media, as well as a web browser and email applications will turn this device into a small tablet PC rather than anything worthy of being called an e-reader. Some people have commented that the availability of the internet on the device will simply create too many distractions. Will the second generation of e-readers with increased online capabilities really take off? As they are a fairly recent product only time will tell.

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