Seo And The Inbounds And Outbounds of Link Building

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You have probably seen many articles on the internet on link building and how link building is important, and the articles tell us how to obtain inbound links describing a variety of link building methods to use as we prepare our websites for search engine optimization. While in the pursuit of more and more new links, we often forget about back links. We forget about the back links that we have already obtained some months ago. Do they still exist? Do they lead to the correct page on our site? Do they have the right anchor text? These are the questions we should ask ourselves.

So, let’s start by examining a couple of simple but important pieces of information that can help you manage and optimize your link building strategy.

First thing you will want to do is Optimize the anchor text to your back links. As an internet marketer for your business, you know that the link anchor text is one of the important, if not the primary, factor that drives traffic to your website. Its by the anchor text labeling your link, that people find your website in search engines. So now, your primary task is to ensure that your existing links have the right anchor text, i.e. the primary keywords you are using for obtaining traffic on your website. Using Click here or Read more is not the anchor text for your link that you want. So, if you maintain a list of websites that link to you, visit them and review your links. If you find that the anchor text to your link does not specify the keyword or keyword phrase you want, be sure to contact the webmaster of the site and have them to change Click here to an anchor text that contains your relevant keywords.

Monitor your Not Found 404 errors. Using Google Webmaster Tools you can discover who is linking to non-existing pages on your website as well as misspelled URLs. Go to Google Webmaster Tools -> Diagnostics – > Web Crawl and look at the “Not Found” report. There is the “Linked From” column. For every error in the report the “Linked From” column lists the number of pages that link to a specific Not found URL. You can click on the number of pages and in the separate dialog box you will see a list of pages that link to the specific invalid page on your website. So, if your “Not Found” report reveals a number of invalid links, you can drop a quick email to the site’s webmaster asking them to repair that broken link. If the webmaster didnt correct the link, you can use a permanent 301 redirect method to redirect the link to the right page.

Monitor links to non-indexed pages of your website. If you prevent search engine bots from indexing certain pages on your website via robots.txt or Meta-no index, make sure anyone does not link to those pages. If you discover such links, contact the webmasters of those sites and kindly ask them to link to a different page on your website.

By using these link optimization tactics you can ensure your existing back links are valid and up-to-date.

As far as link building. I’m going to share with you a few link building tips that are worth to be covered. Probably youll find something new for you that you would want to put into practice.

Go to a search engine and type your company name or your personal name into the search box. Click Search. Yes, you will search for web sites that mention your company name or your name. Look at the environment where your name is mentioned and whether there is a link to your site. If there is no link and the content is appropriate (one of your articles or blogs published on another site, or product review or some other relevant content), you can contact the site’s webmaster and ask them if they are willing to add a link to your website since they mention your name.

Offer a win-win deal to your visitors. You can ask your website visitors to write a review of your product or service including links to your site and publish the review on their website. In return youll give them a discount for your product or service, a free bonus or any other benefit you can provide. Create Link to us page on your site. Its a good idea to have a web page where you tell people how they can link to you: which URLs, anchor text, logo they can use. This may encourage people to link to your site and will most likely help you avoid invalid link.

This is just a bit of creative link building ideas that you can use, but Im sure you can come up with much more that will be quite appropriate for your company and market niche.


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