Eating Sugar In Moderation Is It Helpful or Not

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 Can sugar cause diabetes? Can sugar cause tooth decay? Can sugar make you hyperactive?  We all get that sweet tooth, but for some of us being a Chocaholic just doesn’t help much, because that would mean  we crave something sweet constantly. Oh well I guess I’m somewhat guilty when it come to chocolate. But I learn to resist it. Some experts agree that sugar causes diabetes, make you hyperactive, and cause tooth decay. Some believe that it doesn’t. I guess the verdict is still out and will continue to be out on this subject.

Definitely when pertaining to tooth decay, sugar does play a role in decreasing the enamel of the teeth. Even eating  moderate amounts of sugar can be harmful to your teeth. That is why brushing and flossing is very important to use daily. At least twice a day. Flossing can be done anytime throughout the day. You may be eating too much sugar if it ruin your appetite from eating things like what is on your nutritional chart.

Remember when your mom use to say “do not eat any sweets it will ruin your appetite for supper”. I remember that all too well. Eating foods with sugar in it can also push you over your daily caloric intake if you are counting calories. Those little snacks can really add up, such as cookies, candy, soft drinks, and many more.Sugar has many different faces, even in your favorite fruits, veggies, and whole grains. So be very careful about what you eat when choosing the healthy foods as well.

Be careful when choosing your favorite salad dressings also, because they may contain sugar. Check the nutritional chart on the bottle or packaging before you buy. So you can be aware of what you are about to purchase. By doing this it will help you to stay healthy and keep up with your caloric intake. Being knowledgeable to the things around you is always smart. There are products out there, that are so attractive to buy, but whats inside is not good for you. So consumers always be aware of what you are buying. Read the packaging.


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