Indonesia Defeated by Malaysia in Final Sea Games 2011

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Indonesia and Malaysia drew 1-1 in the finals along the normal round of SEA Games XXVI, Monday, November 21, 2011. Two goals in this match created in round I. Game now continued through the extra period.

Compete at the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Senayan, Indonesia ahead goal by Cahyo Dwi Gunawan in the 4th minute. Defender’s header could not be reached by Malaysia goalkeeper, Che Mat.

In the 35th minute, Malaysia responded by Omar Mohd Asrarudin. Header using bait along the ground failed dammed by goalkeeper Indonesia, Kurnia Meiga.

Entering the second half, Indonesia is still trying to dominate the game. But Malaysia, which had equalized appear more confident and courageous returned fire after the attack Garuda Youth.

Malaysian goalkeeper almost Indonesia in the 54th minute through Mohd Irfan Fazail. Unfortunately his shot was too weak and easily tamed by goalkeeper Kurnia Meiga.

In the 60th minute, bait Titus ‘Tibo’ Bonai successfully welcomed by Patrich Wanggai. Unfortunately, the Malaysian goalkeeper, Che Mat more observant and managed to cut the flow of the ball of the foot Wanggai.

Coach, Rahmad Darmawan, make some changes. Ferdinand Sinaga lowered replace Andik Vermansyah and Hendro Siswanto replace Mahadirga Lasut.

Indonesia continues to attempt to storm the Malaysian defense. But the Tiger of Malaya did not want to lose and some times able to reply to suppress defense Garuda Youth. However, up to half normal after 1-1 score did not change and should be continued through 2×15 minutes of extra time.


Indonesia failed to win gold from the 2011 SEA Games football branch after U-23 national team lost 3-4 on penalties from Malaysia, Monday, November 21, 2011. Previously both teams played a 1-1 draw for 120 minutes.

Compete at the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia ahead goal by Cahyo Dwi Gunawan in the 4th minute. However, Malaysia responded by Omar Mohd Asrarudin minutes 35 ‘.

Indonesia and Malaysia made ​​several substitutions in the second round. Although time gave birth to several opportunities, but no goal to fruition until after the normal time.

The game is still fun to walk in the extra period. Indonesia Malaysia even had time to break down the goal through the legs Ferdinand Sinaga. Unfortunately, the referee annulled a goal because Oktovianus Maniani had already offside.

Malaysia also had goalkeeper Indonesia. But the referee back menganulirnya because terejebak offside trap. Drew over 120 minutes, Indonesia and Malaysia also have an additional round of diving, the penalties.

Of the five kicker Indonesia, the three managed to carry out their duties properly. They are Titus Bonai, Egi Melgiansyah, and Abdul Rahman. While Ferdinand Sinaga and Cahyo Dwi Gunawan failed to tear the nets Tiger of Malaya.

Meanwhile, five kicker from Malaysia, only Saarani Ahmad failed. Meanwhile, four other kicker, namely Jasuli Mahali, Mohd Fandi Otman, Mohamad Mohd Shas, and Bakhtiar Baddrol success to deceive the goalkeeper Kurnia Meiga.

With this result, Indonesia also add to the length of the lean years of the branch soccer gold at SEA Games performances. As runner up, Indonesia had to be content with silver. While Malaysia successfully defended the title after the last SEA Games 2009, Malaysia has also successfully won the gold.

Indonesia: Kurnia Mega (GK), Mahardiga Lasut / Hendro Siswanto, Egi Melgiansyah (C), Octovianus Maniani, Cahyo Dwi Gunawan, Hasim Kipuw, Andik Vermansyah / Ferdinand Sinaga, Diego Michiels, Titus Bonai, Patrich Wanggai, Abdul Rahman

Malaysia: Khairul Fahmi Che Mat (GK), Jasuli Mahali, Mohd Azmi Mohd Zubir, Mohamad Mohd Fadhli Shas, Asrarudin Mohd Omar, Mohd Irfan Fazail, Ambumamee Thamil Arasu / Kuong Yong Yong, Bakhtiar Baddrol (C), G. Kandasamy Gurusamy / Manzur Muhd ​​Nazmi, Fakri Saarani Ahmad, Ahmad Mohamad Muslim


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